Are you waiting for YE DIL MERA- LAST EPISODE. The Pakistan drama industry has evolved a lot in past few years. After ban of Indian channels by PEMRA, our drama industry reached next level.

Talking about good dramas of Pakistan how can we forget the Hum TV’s currently trending Pakistani thriller “Ye Dil Mera”? This romantic- thriller has become quite famous amongst HumTV viewers.

You can watch Ye Dil Mera every Wednesday at 8:00 pm only on HUM TV.


Ye Dil Mera is basically a romance story between two rich individuals Noor-ul-Aein (Ana) and Aman Ullah with a dark messed up childhood. Both Ana and Aman are poles apart in personality. Ana is an overly pampered daddy’s girl where as Aman Ullah is a self-made independent successful business tycoon. Yet both of them will find reasons to love each other.

The lead star cast includes:

  • Ahad Raza Mir as  Aman Ullah khan
  • Sajal Aly as Noor ul Aein Farooq
  • Adnan Siddiqui as Mir Farooq Zaman


  • Zarnish Khan
  • Farhan Ali Agha
  • Mira Sethi
  • Rabia Butt
  • Natasha Hussain
  • Paras Masroor Badvi and others.

Written by: Farhat Ishtiaq

Directed by: Aehsun Talish

Produced by: Momina Duraid production, which means the drama is hum TV’s own production.


Hum TV dramas apart from having indulging story lines. Ye Dil Mera also have some really engaging sound tracks. Likewise, the OST of drama Humsafar, Mann Mayal, Diyar-e-Dil, and anymore got a lot of popularity amongst the viewers. Same is the case with YE DIL MERA OST which is composed and sung by Shiraz Uppal. Whereas lyrics are by Shakeel Sohail. This song is basically Aman and Ana’s love anthem.

Here’s the link to the Ye Dil Mera OST.


The drama starts on a very joyful light note where Sajal Aly (Noor-ul-Aien a.k.a Ana) is running late for her university because she didn’t wake up on time and is being scolded by her buaji. Her over protective rich father Mir Farooq Zaman (Adnan Siddiqui) is waiting for his Noor-e-Jan as daddy calls her on the breakfast table.

Ana is always escorted by Ali Bakhsh who is her driver, body guard, and Mir Farooq’s side kick. Ana is a bubbly, cheerful kind of girl whose Agha Jan (Mir Farooq) overly pampers her. One sneeze and he’d call a doctor to see her. Note that Ana’s mom died at a very young age. Since then her father and buaji, her aged care taker, raised her.

The story goes on like this showing the father daughter bond. Ana attends a family friend’s wedding and meets a mysterious guy who draws her sketch on a tissue paper and presents it to Ana while addressing her with her name Noor-ul-Aien. Ana who was startled couldn’t recall knowing the guy and thus this mystery man becomes a quest for her.

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Later that week the famous business tycoon Aman Ullah khan (Ahad Raza Mir) the owner of A.K. Oil Refineries visits Ana’s university. To her surprise, Ana recognizes him. He was the mystery guy who made her sketch. This mystery man plays hard to get in the beginning by totally ignoring Ana as a result of which the poor girl gets more curious about him.

On the following Sunday Ana accompanies her father to the golf course where they met Ghuari (Farhan Ali Agha) and Aman Ullah- the mystery guy. It Turns out Aman is a friend of Ghauri’s and they also had worked together in the past. That is where Ana and Aman are introduced properly to each other and have some interesting chit chat. Moreover, Ana and Aman become Facebook friends and the stalking starts.


One night when Ana was using her laptop buaji comes in a scolds her for using it this late. Moreover, she tells her that her father would be angry if he finds out. This grown up girl who’s in her 20’s still has a curfew on using her phone and laptop at night, why?

That very night Ana wakes up screaming. She had a bad dream the same dream has been occurring since she was a kid, after her mother died. She visits her psychiatrist and gets better but Mir Farooq doesn’t seem so OK! However, he gets confused and anxious when the doctor asks him about Ana having bad memories of childhood.


Something seemed “very wrong” about our lovely Agha Jan here. The doubt seed went deeper when his secret second marriage was revealed to his ex- secretary Saira. He treats like trash and keeps her mouth shut with money. How did his first wife die actually? Why is his second marriage a secret? What is hidden behind this cover? Moreover, only Ali Bakhs knows about this marriage. Is he a part of this puzzle too? To solve the mystery keep watching till Ye Dil Mara’s last episode.


Ana applies for the internship program which was offered by Aman’s company but her application gets rejected. But does it matter? She uses her Aghajan’s source and gets selected.

During the internship period nothing goes as per Ana’s expectations. Because she was given zero protocol which was indigestible for the poor soul. On top of it all Aman’s cold behavior totally ruined it for her. Will there marriage last? Or the cold behavior of Aman will end this marriage? Ye Dil Mera Last Episode has much to reveal.


Ana gave up, daddy’s little princess couldn’t take it anymore. She decided to resign but just then our heart throb Aman lets down his guard and proposes Ana. He caught the fish! Both the lovers got engaged very soon. Will they both get married? All secrets will be revealed so keep watch Ye Dil Mera.

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Love is growing deeper between the new couple everything seems perfect. Suddenly we realize the perfect lover boy is not so perfect after all. Yes Guys, time to burst the bubble. Aman has a crippled horrible past and childhood due to which he’s a sadist. However, the perfect image is just a mask.

Rich, plays Piano, sadist, mysterious, messed up childhood. Don’t you think this sound like “Christian Grey” from FIFTY SHADES OF GREY? The similarity is unavoidable but still Ahad Raza Mir has done a commendable job.

To cut the long story short Aman plays his mother’s piano every night and ends up in pain agony. He is seen crying and having flash backs of his parents getting killed by Mir Farooq Zaman and his partner-in-crime Ali Bakhsh. The lovely AghaJan is not so lovely after all.

So, here’s the plot Aman Ullah marries the killers daughter to take revenge. This whole thing was a plan to avenge the murder of his parents. The question is will he succeed? Will he be able to convince Noor-UL-AEIN that her AghaJan is a monster? To unveil the truth hang on till Ye Dil Mara’s last episode.


Aman totally wins Ana’s and Farooq’s trust by being supportive of Ana’s fears and helping her cope them. After marriage Ana figures Aman’s mood control issue and witnesses his passing out while playing piano episode. All of this worries Ana and she’s in doubt about her feelings for Aman.

Aman chooses DARYA BAGH for their honey moon destination the place where the murder took place. It turns out Aman lived in darya bagh as a child with his parents in a cottage. His father was a forest officer. Ana gets scared and has a scary nostalgic feeling about this place. She even has a panic attack due to which they leave early. Why is she panic and what is her childhood mystery? This will be revealed in Ye Dil Mera Last Episode


The drama goes in flash black, Aman’s memories are playing like a film. To sum it up Mir Farooq had a house in Darya Bagh where they used to spend vacations. During a visit Aman’s and Ana’s mothers meet coincidentally, they got along really well and became friends. Apparently Ana was too young to remember all this but Aman was old enough to not forget anything.

Later it’s revealed that Farooq and Aman’s mother Humaira had a past. They were university friends and Humaira rejected Mir Farooq back then. When he met her after all these years Farooq tried to approach her again. But Humaira’s cold reaction again he got more ravenous. He broke into her house and even tried to sexually harass her one night when her husband was away for work. Humaira managed to save herself from the devil. The rage of rejection was burning so high with in Mir Farooq that he along with Ali bakhsh killed Humaira her husband and their daughter when they were on their way to a picnic. But poor Aman was left alone and witnessed all this hidden behind trees.

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The puzzle parts are getting in place as the serial proceeds further but to complete it we will have to watch till Ye Dil Mera’s last episode.


As the drama is proceeding towards the last episode, Ye Dil Mera is getting more interesting. Thus, making us more curious to watch Ye Dil Mera last episode.

So, Aman now has proof of mir Farooq’s second secrete marriage. He has been blackmailing him while keeping a hidden identity. But soon, Farooq finds out that Aman and Saira teamed up against him, and thus, he orders Ali Baksh to kill Saira.

Saira’s death, Aman’s truth, is unmasked, but still, Farooq has no idea that Aman is Humaira’s son who wants to avenge the murder of his family. Therefore, Farooq is scared and stressed that if Ana gets to know his real face, what will happen.

Meanwhile, Ana is growing more suspicious about Aman’s activities, which makes him anxious. Thus, his panic attack triggers, he cries his heart out in agony while playing piano and faints. When he wakes up he bursts and reveals all the truth about his family being brutally murdered by her Agha Jan. Ana, however, refuses to believe Aman’s allegations on her dearest father and gets offended. She somehow decides to stay with Aman until she proves the innocence of her father, and then she’d divorce him. Poor Noor e Jan has no idea of her father’s evil doings.

Aman takes Ana to Darya Bagh, where it all happened so that she finds the truth. Darya Bagh again gives Ana the nostalgic scary vibes and a sense of Déjà vu. Poor Ana is emotionally stressed, whereas Aman is having a difficult time tolerating Ana’s condition. Poor guy can’t see her in pain but also wants her to know the truth.


The promo shows flashback Farooq and Ali Bakhsh discussing their sin (killing Aman’s family), and Farooq’s wife (Ana’s mother) eavesdrop and finds the truth. She threatens Farooq that she will make sure that he is punished. Did Farooq kill her too? Will Ana be able to tolerate this brutal reality? Will Aman succeed in his plan?

To solve this mysterious puzzle, keep watching till the Last Episode Of Ye Dil Mera.


We all can see the end approaching the quest will soon be over. In my mind I have two possibilities for the last episode of Ye Dil Mera.

  1. Aman will become the ultimate hero by revealing the true face of Mir Farooq Zaman in front of Noor-ul-Aien. He’d get proofs that Mir Farooq killed Ana’s mother as well. Aman has proof of his second marriage too. But Ana will take time but eventually see the truth and will know that her AghaJan is the villain and will spend her life ahead with Aman.
  2. Mir Farooq will find out about Aman’s motives. He will turn Ana against him beforehand. Moreover, he will later will kill Aman leaving the audience in disbelief on what has actually happened.

Honestly speaking the 1st possibility is what I and most of want. We all are expecting a happy end in Ye Dil Mera’s Last episode aren’t we?

Who will win the quest? The mysterious dark hero or the vicious brutal villain. To find out follow Ye Dil Mera last episode, every Wednesday 8:00 pm PST only on HumTV.

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