WAQAR ZAKA Peace or Poison_

Waqar Zaka- Peace or Poison


Waqar Zaka is not new for all of us, and he was born in Sargodha. He started his career in his school life by releasing the song “Nahi Parha Meine Poora Saal.” After this, he started hosting a Television show, Living on the Edge. In 2013, he ran for a seat in the election. Later on, he claimed that he ran, to illustrate how to run for election. In April 2019, he started his movement.

In May 2019, he apologized to the Youth that he might destroy the minds of the youngsters by his show, Living on the Edge. Then he started a reality show on Bol Network, Champions with Waqar Zaka. He is an engineering graduate from the NED University of Engineering and Technology. He started his headphone show Waqar Zaka on youtube, at late night. Furthermore, he is an influential figure of social media, and he is very popular among Youth.

Waqar Zaka is launching an ambitious and enthusiastic movement, named as Tehreek-e-Technology Movement.

Waqar Zaka unfolded that his movement is not against the current government, and he is still a big fan of Imran Khan. But the government is not properly using technology. The government is not focusing on technology, and we are lagging behind the world in the race of technology. He further added, that Ministers of Pakistan are unaware of the use of technology, and the IT Minister does not know how to use Whatsapp.

Tehreek-e-Technology Movement

His movement has three manifestoes:

  1. Launch Pakistan’s Cryptocurrency
  2. education System in Madrassas with technology
  3. Fix Pakistan’s Space Program

First of all, he disclosed that Pakistan could pay back all debts of IMF only, with the use of technology. Further, he said Imran Khan should launch Pakistan’s Cryptocurrency then the country would be able to pay our debts by getting foreign investment across the world. He further added that Cryptocurrency could collect $735 million in a day and $4 billion in 6 months.

At this point, he said, if it does not come true, he will never come again on the Television screen. Furthermore, he had got his team from NED, NUST, and many other universities, and they will launch it with no money. He wants to introduce a cashless system. Further, money transactions should be through Paypal or Pioneer, which is more trustworthy, and it may counter corruption.

Transformation in Education System

His second incentive is to make Pakistan more friendly with technology. Besides this, he said that the internet should be the human right. School Mafia only teaches students one way of earning, and this system is destroying our Youth, and they should teach them multiple-way of earning. School going students must know how to handle multiple businesses at a time.

His main motive is to revolutionize the education system, religious clerics should have to pass a Fatwa, the programming lecture or science and technology is compulsory in Madrassas. After this, he would conduct skype sessions for students with the help of his team. Hence, he wants to follow Elon Musk’s teaching system. He wants to make villages as a smart village and to aware people of the use of technology. So that they can earn as a freelancer and can do money transactions easily. Waqar Zaka’s ideas make sense, apart from a few concerning ones.

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Thoughts about Space Program

Thirdly, he wants to do exercise to fix the space program. SUPARCO is Pakistan’s space agency, and its only 6 satellites are orbiting around the Earth. On the Contrary, ISRO is India’s space agency made after 8 years of SUPARCO, and it has sent hundreds of space missions. On 15th February 2017, ISRO has made a world record of launching 104 satellites in a day. ISRO has launched 300 satellites of other countries.

On the other hand, Pakistan’s space agency does not have a launching vehicle. The government is providing only $45 million budget to SUPARCO, by comparison, India’s government is providing a $1.5 billion budget to ISRO. He further added that we are 30-40 years lagging behind India in technology. Potential space technology is unexplored in our country, besides a few satellites. He thinks we should make changes in our Space program, otherwise, we are finished.

These all are the Positive aspects of his Personality. But if we start thinking about it, we may come to know with its negative aspects. In my opinion, he is going to introduce us to a virtual world, which is well and good, because now, in the era of the technology world is converted into the virtual world. But it may lessen the in-person communication skills. The second one, he was running the Gameshow, which was banned by PEMRA, as it was against our cultural, social, and Islamic Values.

Waqar Zaka YouTube Channel

Besides this, Waqar Zaka announced on his YouTube channel that the TV show Champions is not banned via PEMRA. He added that the finale episode will be aired after lockdown. Moreover, he has started the stream conversation during the quarantine. It’s a conversation among different reality TV show candidates. He starts the conversion with an ionic topic but later the conversation leads to inappropriate language, abuses, and ethical acts. Waqar Zaka is a famous personality among the Pakistani Youth. Such late nigh headphone series may exploit the minds of the young generation. If he wants to educate the nation, then he must talk himself or at least select the educated and ethical people to lead the Youth. Unethical, low standard, and drunk people should not be promoted.


In the end, the world is now making progress in technology, and still, we think that whether; it is Halal or Haram. Technology is not Haram; its misuse is not good. For instance, Turkey’s religious clerics have banned the press, and they thought that it is Haram. Hence, the Turkey nation was destroyed. We can also take the example of Japan, after the destruction of two main cities, Japan made progress by working day and night, and it has again included in the race of progress. Pakistan’s government should pay attention to the Technology department.

Also, share your opinion on whether Waqar Zaka is acting as a peace for the nation or poison for the youth? You can share your thoughts via commenting below. For more updates, stay connected and click the bell icon.


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