Top 10 Spy Agencies in the World 2020

Top 10 Spy Agencies in the World 2020

            The US intelligence ranking system has revealed the list of top 10 spy agencies in the world 2020. Secret/ intelligence agencies are formed to face the internal and external threats to any country. Spy agencies are responsible for monitoring the external and internal affairs regarding any country. They do collect the related information and investigate them to reckon off the threats. Moreover, Intelligence agencies work with the military establishment and help to maintain law enforcement, national security, and foreign policy. Here are the top ten spy agencies worldwide that combat the threats to ensure a safe environment. Even the citizen of any country relies on the security measurements taken by these top intelligence agencies.

            The cooperation of the military with intelligence agencies helps to fight against terrorism. Every country dramatically relies on its spy/intelligence agency. The list of top 10 intelligence agencies in the world is given below.

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List of top 10 spy agencies in the world 2020

            Today in this article, we are providing the list of top 10 intelligence agencies in the world by their working capacity and active human agents.

CategoryName of the Intelligence agencyCountry
1.Inter-Service Intelligence – ISIPakistan
2.Central Intelligence Agency – CIAUnited States of America
3.Military Intelligence Section Six – M16United Kingdom
4.Federal Security Bureau of the Russian Federation – FSBRussia
5.Bundesnachrichtendienst – BNDGermany
6.Research and Analysis Wing – RAWIndia
7.Chief Directorate for External Security – DGSEFrance
8.Australian Intelligence Services Association – ASISAustralia
9.Ministry of State Security China – MSSChina
10.Intelligence and Special Operations related institutes – MossadIsrael

1. Inter-Service Intelligence – ISI

  • Headquarter: Islamabad
  • Established: 1948
  • Intelligence service of Pakistan

Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) agency was formed by an Australia based British army officer. He was serving in Pakistan Army during 1950-1959. The ISI is one of the intelligence agencies of Pakistan and is also placed in the best spy agency in the world. This agency is much powerful and plays a critical role in the country alongside the Pakistan army. This agency is mostly present in the list of top 10 spy agencies in the world. For an extended period, ISI has indulged himself as the backbone of Pakistan. The defeat of the USSR in Afghanistan is acknowledged as the best work of ISI.

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2. Central Intelligence Agency – CIA

  • Headquarter: Fairfax, Virginia
  • Established: July 26, 1947
  • Intelligence agency of united states federal government

The CIA is ranked as 2nd best spy agency in the list of top 10 spy agencies in the world 2020. The CIA has done plenty of good work against terrorism in the United States and the Middle East. Therefore, the US has apparent domination in the world. Moreover, the CIA has no comparison with other spy agencies in terms of old actions, secret agents, and coordination. This helps the CIA to solve challenging tasks around the globe. The role of the CIA in the US’s status as a superpower is not negligible. The most successful operations of CIA include PBSUCCESS operation, in which US backup rebels oust democratically elected presidents in Guatemala and the assassination of Osama Bin Laden, in the territory of Pakistan.

3. Military Intelligence Section Six – M16

  • Headquarter: London, UK
  • Established: 1909
  • UK intelligence service

M16 is considered as one of the oldest intelligence agency in the world. This agency was active during the 1st world war and has played a critical role. The credit for British victory is mainly associated with this agency. It is ranked as 3rd best in the list of top 10 spy agencies in the world 2020. This agency has also helped the UK to remain Hitler out of its territory and to defeat him. The agency remained secret till 1994 and his identity was made public after 1994.

4. Federal Security Bureau of the Russian Federation – FSB

  • Headquarter: Moscow, Russia
  • Established: 1995
  • Russia’s leading intelligence service

The FSB is declared as 4th position in the list of top 10 spy agencies in the world 2020. It acts as the first successor group of Russian state security (KGB). The FSB works for controlling terrorism and monitoring internal affairs. Moreover, FSB also works to clean the threats coming from external border areas. Also, they have work to investigate domestic serious crimes and law violations.

5. Bundesnachrichtendienst – BND

  • Headquarter: Polach and Berlin, Germany
  • Established: 1956
  • German foreign intelligence agency

The BND agency is a German foreign intelligence service and is directly controlled by the Chancellor’s office. The technology system of BND makes him best then other agencies of the world. Its monitoring system is known as the world’s best system and helps to put it in the list of top 10 spy agencies in the world 2020. The duties of this agency include the collection of information against the state and nullify them. They also investigate the information on illegal migration, drug trafficking, unlawful transfer of arms, technology, money laundering, and planned crimes.

6. Research and Analysis Wing – RAW

The RAW is an Indian spy agency and also among the best intelligence agencies in the world. It was formed in 1968, and headquarter is in New Delhi. This agency is responsible for monitoring military, social, economic, political, scientific development, and foreign interventions. The separation of Bangladesh from Pakistan is the primary victory of RAW. RAW also helped the Indian government to testify nuclear warheads with complete secrecy in Pokhran.

7. Chief Directorate for External Security – DGSE

            The DGSE is the external intelligence agency of France. It was established in 1982, and headquarter is in Paris. Like most other agencies, it also deals the external threats and internal matters. However, DGSE is not much old agency like others. But, it is considered as the one among the top 10 spy agencies in the world 2020. DGSE has helped the country much time to eliminate terrorism attacks from ISIS. They have targeted the threat groups directly from Algeria and Arabs.

8. Australian Intelligence Services Association – ASIS

ASIS is the national foreign intelligence agency of Australia. The agency was started in 1952, and its headquarter is in Canberra. ASIS is famous as an undercover agent with the largest force worldwide. Its primary responsibility is to target the threats and counter-attack them. This agency is highly active in the Asia-Pacific region. The secrecy is too strict that even the Australian Government officials are unaware of its agents. The agency was publically disclosed in 1977.  

9. Ministry of State Security China – MSS

MSS is the forceful agency of China, formed in 1983. The headquarter of MSS lies in Beijing. It is also responsible for internal and external affairs and threats. Apart from this, the agency also collects data regarding the activities of other agencies worldwide. The success of MSS is evident with strong Communism for a long time in China. The chinses secret agency played powerful actions against terrorism in Taiwan, Macau, and Hong Kong.

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10. Intelligence and Special Operations related institutes – Mossad

  • Headquarter: Tel Aviv
  • Established: 1949
  • Israel’s national intelligence agency

Mossad is involved in the world’s most daring and underworld operations. The main aim of this agency is to protect its own country. They also engaged in direct control of internal country matters. Their work is to take Jews from Israel to other countries who have banned the Jewish agency, Aaliyah. Mossad plays a critical role in protecting the Jewish community. The vital victory of Mossad is to find the murderer of 11 Israeli athletes in the Munich Olympics in 1972.

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