Top 10 Pakistani Foods

Top 10 Pakistani Foods You Should Taste Ever

Top 10 Pakistani Foods

Pakistan is a beautiful and traditional country. The country is famous for different things. Being a foreigner or a national citizen, you must taste these top 10 Pakistani foods. This article is going to be the favorite for the foodies. The people who visit Pakistan should relish these food items and give their tongue an amazing taste. Let’s move forward and find the TOP 10 Food Items to Eat in Pakistan.

1.      Biryani

The famous dish of Pakistan is Biryani. It’s a yellow-colored rice mixed with the meat. It can be a chicken or beef biryani. The yellow color is due to the spices. It will not wrong to say that this is spicy food. Moreover, it is cooked with potatoes, tomatoes, herbs, and lemons also. Chicken is cooked separately while the boiled rice is added to the meat later. Raita is also served with Biryani. If you haven’t tasted it, then you must try it because it’s among the top 10 Pakistani foods.

2.      Sajji

Sajji is a traditional dish of the province of Baluchistan. It is a large piece of lamb or chicken embedded with rice. Moreover, the topping of green sauce and spices gives a finger-licking taste to the dish. The meat piece is covered with the papaya paste and spices. Later it is roasted in the skewer for a long time. You can relish this traditional Sajji with raita. Must try this once as it is one of the top 10 Pakistani foods!!

3.      Haleem

Haleem is a top 10 Pakistani food items. It is a mixture of wheat, barley, pulses, minced beef or chicken. This dish takes a lot of time to prepare. Because all the ingredients take time to mix well. However, in the end, the paste-like dish with unique taste is developed. It is served with Naan, roasted onion, spices, and lemon. This dish is one of the top 10 dished of Pakistan. Don’t miss its taste.

4.      Halva Puri

Halva Puri is one of the traditional dishes relished in breakfast. This makes it rank among the top 10 Pakistani foods. It is Puvi eaten with Halwa. The Puri is something like a chappati made of white flour. It is circular and fried in oil. It’s light and fluffy. The crunchy Puri is eaten with Halwa. Halwa is a sweet dish. It is wheat (Sooji) cooked in syrup with oil and eggs. It’s soft and slippery. The combination of salty Puri and sweet Halwa makes this dish a memorable breakfast experience.

5.      Nihari

The top 10 Pakistani foods also include Nihari. It is a meat dish slowly cooked overnight with spices. The simmering gives a yummy taste to the dish. Nihari is served as a special dish on events and traditional occasions. It is served with chapatti.

6.      Kheer

Kheer is another top 10 Pakistani food. It is a dessert usually served after lunch or dinner. This traditional dish is prepared with milk, boiled rice, sugar, and a few nuts. Nuts may include almonds, cashew, pistachios. Moreover, cardamom is also added to develop little hue. You should try this dish. It will surely give the best taste to your mouth.

7.      Samosas

Samosas is a snack served with tea. People also relish this item as brunch. However, this food is listed in the top 10 Pakistani foods. Samosa is a finely chopped boiled potatoes mixed with herb, wrapped in a flour-coated crust. Later, it is deep-fried in oil. Its triangular, crunchy and spicy as well. It is served with mint yogurt. It also comes with a different filling. Such as chopped potato is replaced with minced meat. No doubt, it’s a mouth-watering snack.

8.      Curry Pakora

This is a traditional food of Pakistan. It is prepared with gram flour and yogurt cooked with spices. The yellow color is developed due to turmeric added in it. Pakora is a small random shaped snack prepared with gram flour, potatoes, onion, and spices. The deep-fried pakoras are added to curry. This unique dish is one of the top 10 Pakistani foods.

9.      Gajar Ka Halwa

During winters, Gajar ka Halwa is what everyone wants to eat in Pakistan. Therefore, this is listed in the top 10 Pakistani foods. It is a dessert made with finely chopped carrots, sugar, and milk. Halwa is also garnished with dry fruits. If you are in Pakistan during the winter season, you must taste this warm and sweet dish.

10.  Channa Chat

Channa Chat is a spicy snack famous in Pakistan. It is a chickpea dish with top dressing. Moreover, it is dressed with herbs. Garnishing with onions and potatoes gives it an amazing taste. Its delicious taste will not let you move towards the main dish. Therefore, it is ranked as the top 10 Pakistani foods.

Conclusion- Top 10 Pakistani Foods

Pakistani traditional dishes are not limited to this list of top 10 Pakistani foods. There are many other dishes not included here. Based on region and provinces, tradition and culture, the dishes may differ. We can write more about the regional dishes. Please comment on your favorite dish that is missing.

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