The Ottoman Empire (Part III)

The Ottoman Empire (Part III)

The Ottoman Empire (Part III) is here. In the previous parts of the “Ottoman empire series”, we came to know about the origin of the Ottoman tribe. Moreover, it was also discussed how this superpower came into existence. However, as it’s famous that the period lasts for 600 years. Therefore, using the viral cross-platform we will try to know about it more.

In this part of the ottoman empire series, we would know the establishment of an entire era by ottoman’s sons. As known previously the Orhan Ghazi decided to use the word Sultan for himself. Sultan Orhan was much worried due to nearby states due to fear of attack. However, the blessings of almighty ALLAH provided him the opportunity he was waiting for. What was that opportunity? How did the ottoman’s empire expand so quickly? Therefore, within the tenure one sultan, the empire expanded from east to west of the Byzantine empire.

Challenges for ottoman empire – Ottoman Empire Series (Part III)

            In the 14th century, Sultan Orhan was appointed as the sultan of the Ottoman empire. In the Ottoman empire series (part III), we will come to know his bravery and intellectual capability for empire. However, in this period Anatolia divided into many small states. Therefore, there were common fights between different groups. However, everyone had only two choices: either survive by battling nearby states and occupy them. Moreover, the other option was they are defeated and other states get to occupy them.

Orhan Ghazi was also facing this problem to stabilize its empire. Moreover, he was under the threat from two sides. Therefore, he was busy thinking of how could he sustain his state. Moreover, the including challenges were Turk Muslim state on the east. Furthermore, the other Turks tribe has two powerful states around him. One was Karasi state and the other was Karaman state. Besides, these two states especially Karaman state was more strong. The strongest Muslim empire of that era Mamluks were supporting Karaman state. Therefore, they were more strong and well organized as compared to Ottoman’s empire. The Mamluk empire was expanding its borders with Israel, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt of modern era. However, beside these two Muslim states, Orhan ghazi also faced threat from west. Furthermore, this threat was powerful in the shape of Byzantine empire.

Sandwiched Ottoman empire state – Ottoman Empire Series (Part III)

Previously, it was known the Orhan ghazi’s state ottoman empire was sandwiched between states. Therefore, he was in the state of war on both sides. Byzantine empire lost major of his control on Anatolia. Yet, the small areas of Bithynia in the North of Anatolia were under Romans’ control. Sultan Orhan Ghazi was vigilant to conquer these cities. Moreover, he was willing to completely eliminate the Romans from Anatolia. Therefore, this would help him to strengthen his empire. So, he started to surround these cities. His army started surrounding the forts in the area. Therefore, the Roman was not happy. This forced them to protect their zone in Bithynia. Hence, the news of the Ottoman’s army attack was spread-out. The Byzantine emperor gets alarmed when heard the Turks activity. The emperor started gathering an army to face this threat. Moreover, in 1328 the Roman emperor moved his 4000 soldiers to fight against Orhan Ghazi.

Roman emperor and Sultan Orhan ghazi

When the roman emperor moved his army the news got viral in the area. Therefore, it also reached towards Orhan Ghazi. However, this was happening 1st time in history that the Roman emperor was leading the army against Ottomans. Therefore, Sultan Orhan also decided to face him before he reached out to Bithynia. Ottoman’s army reached Maltepe city (Izmit today) near Nicodemia. Moreover, the sultan also got a strategic advantage from it. It was a high mountain from where ottomans can easily see Romans troops. The Turkish horsemen were skilled archers to hid themselves on the way of the Roman emperor. Therefore, the Romans could not see them easily.

Moreover, they started a deadly attack on the Roman army when they reached at marked point. This sudden attack created a worse situation for the Romans. Also, a rumor about the emperor’s killing spread in the army as well. However, till now it’s a mystery either this news spread itself or someone had a plan for it. On the other hand, this was false news but Romans ran back toward the fort of Constantinople. The roman emperor hardly saving his life also returned to the fort. However, this defeat generated a serious psychological impact on Romans. Therefore, the roman army and people never take ottomans as an easy ordinal tribal group.

Stabilization of the Ottomans Empire

This defeat of Romans in the presence of their emperor proved nerves wrecking for Romans. However, this defeat from the ottomans army disappointed Romans badly. Therefore, they stopped the military aid and food for their soldiers in Bithynia. Moreover, the internal soldiers started surrendering and Ottoman’s army conquers them easily. On the other hand, the whole zone of Bithynia was easily obtained by Orhan Ghazi. This results in a powerful impact of the Ottoman empire on the surrounding states.

Strategic victory – Ottoman Empire Series (Part III)

Defeating Romans on the battlefield not only give Ottomans a land victory but also a strategic victory. The Roman General Kantakouzenos was very impressed with the ottoman’s fighting spirit. Therefore, he decided not to fight against the ottoman empire anymore. Because he was thinking to be emperor of the Byzantine empire so he wants Ottomans as his friend. However, it was not easy for him to be emperor. As he was not a son or brother of the emperor. Therefore, for him, he has to revolt against the elected emperor. However, this requires him to have some external support as well. However, he started getting support from some Roman army in the fort of Constantinople. In his view, the outer support was none better than ottomans. So, he started secret contacts with sultan Orhan Ghazi.


Sultan Orhan of the Ottoman Empire received a friendship offer from Kantakouzenos. How did he respond to this offer? Was the sultan agreed or nor? Whether the Roman emperor changed or not? These important questions will be discussed in the Ottoman Empire Series (Part 4). However, if you want to know how this sultanate came into existence visit Part 1, and Part 2. Your comments and suggestion will encourage us to improve our research and posting. Therefore, write us your comments below. 

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