The Ottoman Empire (Part 5)

The Ottoman Empire (Part 5)

The Ottoman Empire part 5 will let us know the questions that arise in Part 4. In the previous part (Ottoman Empire Part 4), we discussed the achievements of Orhan Ghazi. It was observed that Orhan Ghazi stabilized his empire with wisdom. He used his relations with the Roman emperor and make his state strong. In 1362, Sultan Orhan died, but before it, he changed his forefathers’ dream in reality. The dream that started from his grandfather Ertugrul and father Ottoman was in reality. Now, in this part of the Ottoman series (Ottoman Empire Part 5), we will know the condition after Orhan Ghazi.

Empire and Sultan’s Son – the ottoman empire (part 5)

The death of Orhan Ghazi created a problem for the next emperor. The reason associated was Sultan’s Sons. Sultan Orhan has three sons, and the empire has to shift to one. Or, it has to divide into three parts. Their names were: Suleman, Murad, and Khalil respectively. Suleman was governor of the Ottoman empire in Europe. He was the in-charge of the military base, constructed in Gallipoli. He stood off the race with his natural death. Now, the competition was between Murad Ghazi and Khalil Ghazi. Here, the history sees another turn, when Murad Ghazi killed Khalil Ghazi. This turned him to be the emperor of the Ottoman empire.

Sultan Murad I – the ottoman empire (part 5)

After the death of Sultan Orhan, Sultan Murad I was the next emperor of the Ottoman empire. In the Ottoman Empire (part 5), we will know the steps by Sultan Murad. How did he proceed with the empire after his father’s death? How did he extend the empire? And how did he behave with the neighbors? After taking the oath Sultan Murad continued the Turk tradition of Ghaza. He establishes his army and continued attacks on nearby non-Muslim areas. But he makes some notable changes in the army.

Murad Ghazi prepared a special force from slaves. This special group was the elite force of the ottoman empire. The soldiers of the special group were well trained and loyal to Sultan. This force gets notable attention the history. In history books, this force is known as the most successive army. This army was a powerful brach or Turk army for 500 years.

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Ottomans were facing the Roman army for many years. The Romans were well trained and well equipped. While on the other hand, the Turks were not as powerful. Ottomans were full of courage and potential. But, was lacking a disciplined army that could help them to stay against the Byzantine empire.

Establishment of Elite force – Ottoman empire (part 5)

            To let the state safe and under powerful hands, Sultan Murad has to establish his army. Also, there was a need for a special group that could help him against sudden attacks. This group should also help him to fight against any betrayal inside. This force should have enough tactics to fight anyone. Sultan was able to prepare such an army by gathering young Turks. But Ottoman Turks were not faithful to other Turk tribes living in the zone. Because there was a challenge to challenge the Sultan’s empire. Therefore, it was needed that the army should stay with the sultan all the time. So, he was keen to fight young fighters that have no links with other Turk tribes.

However, the sultan had a plan to get soldiers from his European zone. These young soldiers were Christian. The Christian families living under the Ottoman empire were urged to donate one person in the elite force. It was mandatory for each European Christian family in the state. According to this role, the boys aged 8-18 from the Balkan area were taken as a part of the elite force. They were taken to Anatolia and taught the fighting strategies. They were also taught local language, and Ottoman culture. These soldiers were given rigorous military training.

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The Janissaries elite force – ottoman empire (part 5)

These soldiers have also had a specialization in Archery, sword fighting, and music. Their salary and allowances were much higher than other workers. In 1330, Sultan Murad prepared this army and was called as Janissary. The elite force was the well trained, organized and disciplined group. They were extremely loyal to Sultan. However, if any of them betrayal his punishment was the death penalty. The Janissaries were known as slaves of the sultan. However, they were not slaves in real sense. Despite the name, the Janissaries were enjoying many privileges. Their living standard was almost equal to the ministers of the state. So, this was the group that the sultan was the dream of. This has to be the best group of fighters. Moreover, in their hope, Sultan was thinking to conquer Constantinople.

In the early days, Christian parents were not happy with it. They thought their beloved ones are getting away from them. But, latterly they were happy to donate their sons, after knowing the living standard. In 1370, the elite force was getting better and better. On the other hand, the sultan was continuing the Turk tradition of Gaza as well. The Gaza was to attack non-Muslim land and extend the Muslim empire. These attacks were mainly focused on the Byzantine empire on the European side. However, the central point for the Ottoman Empire was still in Bursa (Brusa).


In the current Ottoman empire (Part 5), we discussed the situation after Sultan Orhan’s death. How did the Sultan Murad I become emperor and lead the state? In the next part, we will know how did Janissaries take part in the expansion of the ottoman empire. How many sultans have taken benefits using this elite force? And How did this force destroy the ottoman empire after 600 years? All these questions will be discussed in upcoming parts of the ottoman empire series. Meanwhile, you can read about the establishment of this state in Part 1 and Part 2.  If you want to know about its critical period under the command of Orhan Ghazi, then visit Part 3 and Part 4. If you have any questions or suggestions, just leave a comment downside. Your words are meant for us to improve the Ottoman empire series story.

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