The Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman Empire (Part I)

An empire, well distributed including Aljazair, Tunisia, Libia, Egypt, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Kuwait, Iraq. Moreover, it include Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Lebnan, Syria, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Albania, Romania, Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, and Hungary. This empire is known as the “Ottoman Empire” or “Sultanat-e-Osmania”. How did this empire established that covered around three continents, and last for 600 years? How did it become the superpower not only in Islamic history but also in world-historical discussions? And how this empire was destroyed so brutally that it is a difficult task to find statistical data about it? Using the forum of Viral Cross, we are delighted to provide you the informative data of this superpower “Ottoman Empire”.

Seed of dream- The Ottoman Empire

About 1000-years ago, current Turkey was known as Anatolia. On its east side a Muslim “Seljuk empire” was located, who were Turk in origin. While the Anatolia and its west were under the control of the “Byzantine Empire” or “Eastern Roman Empire” whose capital was Constantinople (new name: Istanbul).

Lake Waan

A beautiful lake known as Waan is located on the eastern corner of Anatolia. Lake is a habitat for an animal (monster) that shows its resembles with crocodile and fish. The beautiful view of the lake is quite attractive, which initiate an open eye-catching scenery for the visitors. On the bank of this lake a historical church is present, whose walls are decorated with Bible verses. This bank of lake has witnessed a small but historical war about 1000-year ago, that firmly changed the history.

Every year in August, a series of celebrations/ anniversary of that war is conducted at this lake. This ceremony is so important that Turk president takes part in it. During celebrations, a play is played in which the Turk riders leave off the Hackamore (Lagam) of horses. And then throw arrows on point at their back by turning their neck. This is a sport now, but around 949 years ago their ancestors used this technique in war. And get the land (Anatolia) from the “Byzantine empire”.

War for Anatolia

In the 11th century the Seljuk and Roman fought many times to obtain the Anatolia, but it was still under the control of the Roman empire. Near the border of these two empires. The Romans have made check posts that were monitoring the border effectively. And don’t let Seljuk empire to won the war and obtain Anatolia. The continuous attacks on these check posts made it difficult for soldiers to save the attacks.

So, the roman emperor “Romanos” decided the gather full strength of his power and fought against Seljuk Turks. He gathered a big army that contains more than 100,000 soldiers. At the same time, the Seljuk emperor “Alp-Arsalan” was busy in a fight against the Egyptian empire “Fatimid Caliphate”. Fatimid caliphate was controlling Bait-ul-Muqadas and the Syrian seaside, which were the target of Alp-Arsalan to include under his empire. It was difficult for him to fight at two war-points. And sent a letter to the Roman empire for No-War. In return, the Turks will not attack on Roman check posts located around the border of these two empires.

Romanos thought to accept the offer. But there was a problem between both empires that the area of the emperor is not mention. Moreover, at border areas, some other persons were active for their separate empire zone. So, Romanos did not accept the no-war offer and continued its attack on the Seljuk empire in the year 1071. Alp-Arsalan have no option to stop fight at one side. So, he decided to sign a peace treaty with the Fatimid empire and moved his army towards the capital in Iran. He gathered 30,000 soldiers that well trained with swords and archers (arrows thrower). However, he played a technique and take long distance. Then, he came on the back of the Roman empire and attacked them.

Victory of Turk

A sudden attack damaged the plans of the Roman army. However, another problem raised when the Turk soldiers (part of the Roman army) also joined the Alp-Arsalan’s army. This resulted in great war loss for the Byzantine empire. During the fought fake news of Romanos death spread out which breaks-out the remaining courage of the Roman army. They ran away from the battlefield, the 30,000 Seljuk have won the war against 100,000 Romans within 24 hours.

But, the reality exposes when a Turk soldier takes a person in-front of Alp-Arsalan, and he asks who is he? The soldier told Alp, this person is the Roman empire Romanos. Alp-Arsalan placed his feet on Romanos’s neck and asked him, what would you do if I was taken like this in front of you? Romanos replied I would have killed you immediately or put you in a cage and move around in the markets of Constantine.

Alp-Arsalan smiled and said what I will do is not even in your imagination and am going to forgive you. Alp treated Romonos very well, give him clothes, food and signed a treaty. According to a treaty, many areas of Anatolia gave to Seljuk Turks. However, Romanos agreed to pay 150,0000 gold coins per year to Seljuk emperor. Moreover, his daughter married to the son of Alp-Arsalan. But, as per the saying of Alp-Arsalan “What I will do is not even in your imagination” result when Romanos came back to his country. Insurrection started in Constantine, and a new emperor selected. Moreover, it put Romonos in lockup after removing his eyes, and he died there. After that day till today, this area of Anatolia never went back to Romans, even they tried for it many times.

Ottoman tribe- The Ottoman Empire

Turk tribes started moving to newly owned Anatolia and most of these tribes were Shepherd. Among these tribes, one is Ottoman Turks. What was there originally, where did they live exactly in Anatolia, and what was their initial religions is still unknown in the pages of history. The only information found after the 100 years of the formation of the “Ottoman Empire”. These people of the ottoman tribe are hardworking, war-loving, well-train archers, and brave.

They started living in Anatolia and raring their animals in green natured zone. Their main aim was to save Seljuk Turks from the Roman attacks, but Seljuk was more damaged on the eastern side with the attack of Changez Khan. Changez khan was fond of cloths that prepared in Muslim emperors areas. Khan sent some of his soldiers to find beautiful clothes the emperor “Khawarzim Shah” assume them as Spy and killed them. Khan gets angry and sent another person and Shah killed him also. The Khan attacked like a wild animal of Muslim empires and destroyed them brutally.

How did the Mongols destroyed the Muslim era and how the Ottoman tribe reacts that leads to the origination of the new empire “Ottoman Empire”? these questions and many other of it are in part II.

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  1. The Ottoman empire is the brighter view of Muslims in history showing the equality, love and voice of rights for all religions. Today the Muslims need to learn from ancestors.

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