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The Best Android Games You Should Play

There are thousands of Best Android Games on the Google Play store. Even when you open the app, you can find android games on the top. Sometimes, when you are fresher to Android phones, you want to find the best mobile games 2020 that are worthy of your attention and time. Here, we are going to categories the best android games, which include Puzzlers games, Racing games, and many more.

  • RPGs
  • Puzzle games
  • Platform games
  • Strategy games
  • Racing games
  • Shooting games

These are the best games, but for some games, you have to purchase it from the google app to get its real benefit. Hence, some of these are classic, while others are Unique on this platform. The list of best android games given below is the true representative of what people are playing right now.

1. Stardew Valley

Monetization: $7.99/no IAPs/no ads

Stardew Valley is the Best Mobile game 2020; it’s all about farming and life simulator for those who want to dive into this beast. Though at the start it is very simple, only you have to plant some crops and to raise one or two chicken, and it’s good for those who prefer casual play. Besides this, if you want to play in the more depth, it’s the best android game on which you can pay your attention and it worth your time. Stardew Valley is an easily accessible game on the Google play store.

2. Tabletop Racing: World Tour

Monetization: $5.99

This is the Best Android Game that uses the environment, much like Micro Machines. Similar to Micro Machines, the player directs a car with tracks made up of various segments of massive household items. Its offspring like Mario kart and Micro Machines, cars have simple arcade-like control. Commonly, the main aim of the car is to run faster and to compete with the other cars running on the track, by reaching the finishing line first.

The car can be controlled by two options, one is simply touching the attributes to steer, and the other. Tilt feature accelerometer steering. Further, both are used as auto-brake and auto-accelerate. However, players can collect different items from the track, which boosts the speed of the car. Players can purchase this game with real money.

3. Space Grunts 2

Monetization: $3.99/no IAPs/no ads

This is the best play store game download; the main aim of the game is to build up your deck. Further, this game is made up of unique building blocks. In the game, you have to collect weapons, shields, and other types of objects which will be used in the battle to beat the alien. Weapons, shields, etc. are the cards that you used to encounter the alien and then moves to the next level.

4. Mincercraft

Monetization: $6.99/ IAPs from $0.99-$49.99/no ads 

Mincercraft is the most demanding android game, which not only provides lots of fun, but its optional feature also allows the player to explore an endless building blocky world. Furthermore, the Player may extract raw materials, and fix the structures or earthworks, and may compete with the Mobs of the game depending on the game mode. Further, it offers a premium so that you can share your titles with other IOS, without paying more money, by visiting Google Play Family Library.

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5. GRID Autosport

Monetization: $9.99/no ads

Grid Autosport is one of the best android games which provide a full-on ad-free premium, transferred intact to your phone. It is a racer developed for Microsoft Windows, and it is the ninth game in the TOCA series. In this game, the player has the role of the vehicle driver and competes with the other fellows on the track.

6. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 

Monetization: $4.99

The need for speed is in the list of best android games. It is a racing video game, developed by Criterion Games. The game is about racing the vehicle, where the police cars ran to catch the criminal’s cars. Players have to win the series of races to unlock the cars and several tracks. 


Monetization: $4.99/no IAPs/no ads

DOOM is the first-person shooter game in which the player fights with the Demons of Hell to save the world. Most of us are well known for their classic version. Further, the first episode contains nine levels, and its updated version contains additional episodes with a difficult task. It is the best android game, and it’s a joy to play on android.

8. Tetris

Monetization: free/contain ads

Tetris is the best free online android game. It is a puzzle video game in which a player solves the puzzle by matching the tiles. The game ends when there is no option to match the tile further. The longer the Player avoids this stage, the higher their score will be. Furthermore, you have to compete with the other players. It is free, but it contains ads that can be blocked by using its premium version.

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9. Summer Catchers

Monetization: $3.99/no IAPs/no ads

Summer Catchers is a fable road trip adventure with a wooden car. Further, the Player must travel from the shadowy forest, knowing the mystery of the world, meeting over the obstacles in the journey. It was a PC game, and its android latest version was released last month. Summer catcher is the awesome choice and the best android game.


Monetization: $3.99/no IAPs/no ads

Ordia is the best android game which can be played easily. It comprises 30 levels across the three worlds. The Player should have to win the 30 levels with a bonus level, and achievements, and extra challenge modes. By clearing all these challenges, the unique and the more challenging Ordia is unlocked. It is a first finger action game that introduces you to a more hazardous world.


The list of Best android games is not limited to these games. There are many more games, you can choose any of them according to your choice. This list is according to the authors opinion. If your favorite game is missing, then you can comment the name in comments section. We will surely consider your suggestions.

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