Reverse Aging Effects

Reverse Aging Effects and Remedies

Everyone wants to remain young forever. But this is not possible. However, it is quite possible to reverse aging effects and stay young for a more extended period than usual. 

Aging generally refers to having grey hair 👩‍🦳, wrinkled-skin, weak physique, and reduced cognitive ability. Contrary to this, reverse aging effects mean, to have minimal effects of these apparent changes on the human body. Aging is a natural process, and scientists have not been able to find any anti-aging medicine yet. Still, we can reverse aging effects.

Here I am going to share major causes of aging along with suitable remedies that can reverse aging effects and add more young years to your life. 

Factors that cause aging and their remedies: 

We cannot attribute aging effects to a single factor. There are many factors, and each contributes to some extent. I have explained major factors that cause aging effects along with remedies that can reverse aging effects. These are:

1. Genetic factors:

In an article Aging Genetics and Aging, the genetic factors which are responsible for aging in human beings are explained. These factors are gene mutation and damage to the DNA 🧬. Both of these factors cause cell aging. Gene mutation is defined as an alteration in the DNA sequence of a body cell, while the DNA damage is the instability of chromosomes due to the weakening of telomeres. Telomere is DNA-protein complexes that cap the end of the chromosome and protect it from damage. Both of these changes are due to constant exposure of cells to a harmful environment throughout life. 

For treating genetic factors, many types of research are going on, to delay the aging effects. According to Edd Gent in Singularityhub, there are some companies which are offering gene therapy, better called as reverse aging effects therapy. Through this reverse aging effects treatment, the telomeres of human beings will be repaired as many geneticists think 🤔that telomeres are linked with aging.

2. Environmental factor:

Poor environmental conditions affect our bodies in different ways. The UV rays from sunlight 🌞, the emission of hazardous smoke from vehicles 🚗and factories 🏭, and the mixture of polluted water with drinking water cause severe havoc on human health. Hence, it speeds up the aging process. The toxic materials present in the air affect skin severely, and so the appearance due to wrinkles and age spots. 


The best way to avoid environmental ailments is to use sunblock whenever you go in sunlight. It is the best guard for your skin. Moreover, to avoid the harmful effects of contaminated water, using clean drinking water 💧 is the best remedy. Air pollution cannot be avoided, but one can avoid going out at rush hours, living in the localities which are away from industrial areas. 

3. Smoking and alcohol consumption:

Both smoking and alcohol consumption are other leading factors towards the aging effects. The nicotine in cigarettes 🚭 that enters the human body can cause reduced blood flow due to narrow blood vessels in outermost skin. If you smoke, then you should quit it to reverse the aging effects of smoking.

Apart from affecting vital human organs like the liver and kidneys, alcohol also dehydrates the human body and thus dries out the skin. With the growing age, alcohol 🍾consumption worsens the aging effects. It is better to minimize alcohol consumption to reverse the aging effects of alcohol.

4. Factors related to diet:

Among the important factors that cause rapid aging of the human body is the poor diet that we consume. Processed foods, high carbohydrates like sugar, high fat-containing food, and poor habits of eating, and drinking less water are major reasons for deteriorated health and hence rapid aging. A healthy diet is the one, which has all nutrients, a healthy human being requires, for the proper functioning of all body parts. It must include fresh vegetables 🥦, fruits 🍎, nuts, etc. Remember that the key to reverse aging effects is not eating more, but eating healthy and smartly. You should add healthy food items in your diet along with the regular use of all essential nutrients.

5. Physical activity:

Exercise is the best way to reverse aging effects. It is a common phenomenon that people who are engaged in some sort of physical activity look more young and active and even live a longer life. It is very important to have some physical activity in your life. Walking 🚶, jogging, and cycling can help and reverse aging effects. Add more active weekdays in your life, and this investment will pay you for long. It is not impossible to take half an hour of a full 24-hours day for oneself.

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6. Psychological factors:

Happiness is the world’s greatest blessing. The ultimate purpose of everything – that we do – is joy. The more you are glad 😃, the more you look youthful. When you are happy, you are mentally fulfilled, and your cognitive abilities work in a superior manner. For a happy life, one must eat healthily, exercise regularly, sleep soundly😴, and one must do what he is responsible for. Add these four things in your lifestyle, and you will notice in a week that you have started feeling happy and fresh.

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At last, it depends upon you that how you reverse aging effects by caring for yourself. It is the food one eats, the environment in which one lives, the physical activity one does, and the good life habits one develops in one’s life. All these things are very important for a happy, healthy 💪, and longer young life. As a French fashion designer and businesswoman Coco Chanel once said that nature gives man the face, he has at twenty, but it is up to the man to merit the face he has at fifty.

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