Ramadan for kids

Ramadan for Kids: Activities and Introduction

Ramadan is not only the month of fasting, but it is also the month of praying, charity, and all good deeds. Ramadan for kids also is an interesting month when all the elders at home get up before sunrise for Sehri and leave all kinds of eating and drinking all day till sunset. Kids become curious to see this unusual routine and sometimes force for fasting like elders. Let’s introduce this blessed month to kids.

Ramadan: Lunar Calendar

Ramadan, the 9th month of the Islamic year, according to the lunar calendar that starts with the month of Muharram. The lunar calendar follows the phases of the moon. According to which a new month begins with the sight of the new moon that lasts for 29 to 30 days. As in the lunar calendar, a month starts 11days earlier from the modern English calendar, so Ramadan doesn’t start on the same date as in the previous year. For example, during the last year, 2019, Ramadan began on 6th May and ended on 3rd June 2019. Now in this year 2020, Ramadan started on 25th April and will mend on the sight of the new moon, and next in the year 2021, it will start 11 or 12 days earlier.

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Ramadan Meaning

Ramadan is one of the five co of Islam, which means it is the religious obligation (farz). Other pillars are Shadat, Namaz, Hajj, and Zakat that make the foundations of Islam. Ramadan is the word derived from the Arabic word “Ramdhaa,” which means “the intense heat of the sun.” Arabs named to the month according to the seasons in which those found at that time. It was summer season in Ramadan when Arabs changed the old names of the months. Moreover, as heat purifies and kills all the germs, the Ramadan also purifies the soul from all the evils. However, Ramadan can be in any season according to the lunar calendar.

In Ramadan, Muslims get up before dawn and take some meals. After sunrise, they have to stop eating and drinking till sunset. When the day changes tonight at sunset, Muslims break they’re fast and have little got to gather with all the family members on Iftar. However, Muslims not only fast all day but also practice all good deeds as helping others, becoming more generous, offering prayers, reciting Quran, etc. Muslims have to leave not only eating and drinking, but also they have to leave evils as stop gossiping, stop telling lies and stop teasing others.


Ramadan in 2020

Ramadan is the year 2020 started on 25th April and will end up after 29 or 30 days at the sight of the new moon of Shawal. In the year 2020, Ramadan is a bit different when the whole world is Lockdown due to Coronavirus. Now everyone has to stay home for their worship instead of going to the mosque. Moreover, families get to gathers in Ramadan for Iftar was one of the most important activities in Ramadan. But, during Lockdown, though physically, they cannot come, but online, all the family members become part of Iftar. Moreover, online Namaz, Taraweh, and Tilawat-e-Quran are arranged by some Hafiz-ul-Quran.

Ramadan Fasting for Kids 

Fasting is one of the essential parts of Ramadan. Here, fasting means stop eating and drinking anything for the whole day. In the year 2020, for the entire day mean 14 to 15 hours fast. Now, for little kids, it looks impossible to remain hungry for the entire day. Hence, kids until they reach the age of puberty, women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, during the mensuration period, or a person who is traveling, ill, or at war are exempted from fasting. Still, many parents prefer to introduce Ramadan for kids when they are at the age of six. Sometimes, they do Sehri and leave all types of eating and drinking for half-day to make themselves ready for fasting in the next year.

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Ramadan Activities for Kids 

Fasting is not the only activity in Ramadan; rather, there are other activities in which kids can participate. So, Teaching kids about Ramadan is not as simple as memorizing some lessons. Even if they do not “fast” for the whole day, they should be involved in other religious activities to perform. These Ramadan activities will help to teach the kids about some religious duties during Ramadan.

Ramadan Calendar for Kids

Kids feel happy about some craft by making Ramadan calendar. In this calendar, there should be written an activity related to Ramadan e.g., say a prayer, recite Quran, do some charity, help someone, Be kind to others, Thankful to Allah, no more anger, lies or gossips, etc. Make Ramadan memorable for kids this year.

Recite Quran

This month is called the month of the Quran, as the Quran was revealed in Ramadan. So ask them to spend more and more time reciting the Quran regularly in Ramadan. This will be a good Ramadan activity for kids.

Be more generous

Generosity is one of the most important religious duties in Ramadan. Kids should practice this by sharing things, performing good behavior, showing love for younger, giving money, thankful to Allah, showing patience in anger, and becoming more kind by helping others. Such activities will help kids to learn Islam and good deeds in Ramadan.

Giving Charity in Ramadan

Giving more things and money to the needy people is called Charity. Charity is the most important religious activity in which kids can be involved. Make a charity box and daily put some money from your pocket money. Help needy people with some food or clothes. Make others happy by sharing your things is one of the best activities in Ramadan.

Show love by giving time to family members

Become more affectionate to your loved ones. Spend more time with them by arranging some after-party. Visit your relatives and show your love by exchanging some special dishes. Make some special dishes for them.

Participate in Sehar and Iftaar

Help mother or other family members in cooking or serving Sehar and Iftaar. Plan dinner after Iftaar and help their elders to arrange to get to gather at Iftaar party.

Hence, we can easily “introduce the Ramadan” and its duties by the activities mentioned above. We can teach them about Sawm (fast) and other religious duties of Ramadan in such an interesting manner by involving them in religious activities.


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