Death and Mental Issues Due To COVID-19

Death and Mental Issues Due To COVID-19

Death and Mental Issues due to COVID-19 is increasing day by day. People all over the world are in constant state of war against COVID-19. The Coronavirus pandemic has not only made them to fight with virus but also with thoughts popping up in their minds. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the virus has spread in 187 countries. Approximately 12,944 confirmed deaths have occurred due to virus.  Moreover, the world suffers from anxiety order side by side. Obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCD) are in the priority list of WHO. The fear of getting someone sick, decreased quality of life are main causes of OCD.

Virus has upended the lives of people. People are now spending most of their time scrolling social media to get the latest news. Constant supply of uncertain information regarding corona virus create a panic among people. Moreover, it has a negative impact as uncertainty triggers people’s anxiety. Mental Issues Due To COVID-19 is increasing in common people. Therefore, we have shared some tactic solutions as well as the group of people who may suffer more. So that you can detect and treat yourself.

Responders of COVID-19:

The outbreak of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has made people stressful. However, people who respond strongly to stress include:

  • Children and young ones
  • People already suffering from mental health issues
  • Doctors and health care providers, or first responders
  • Team leaders and manager of health care
  • People who are at high risk of COVID-19 or released from quarantine
  • People who are experiencing financial hardships

Children and Young ones

Children interpret the news according to their level of understanding. They may show irritability, excessive worry, unhealthy eating and sleeping pattern. Parents should try to discuss the facts with their children honestly and according to their age and temperament. Try to stick to your old routine. Reassure your children that they are safe.

Handling the situation confidently will also make them less worried. Spending time with children and activities they enjoy more can also make the condition normal. Because this creates healthy and happy environment. Make healthy activities with your kids, play games and involve with them. Kids are a blessing as well as medicine.

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People suffered from Mental Health Disease

People who already suffered from mental health issues got their conditions worst. Fear induced over-reactive behavior spread among people. In addition, post-traumatic stress disorders spread. They should continue their treatment. You can concern your doctor and ask appropriate medication if required.

Doctors and Health care providers

Doctors and first responders may suffer from secondary traumatic stress (STS). To reduce STS reactions, take a break from media coverage. Their role should be acknowledged. This will make them energetic. Create a menu for personal care such as spending time with family and friends. Ask for help if COVID-19 is affecting your ability. Take proper food and sleep after attending any patient.

Team leader and Manager of Health Care

Keeping yourself and all staff safe from chronic stress means they should have better capacity to fulfil their role. They should communicate well and ensure accurate information is passing to all staff. They should also initiate work breaks. Nurses, ambulance drivers, teachers, community leaders and workers of quarantine should provide with psychological first aid.

People released from quarantine

People who have been released from quarantine may feel fear and worry about their health and the people around them. They have mixed feeling including relief from quarantine. Frustration, anger overwhelmed them for not being able to perform normal work. People around them should help them to move out from this phase of fear and sadness.

People experiencing financial hardships

Ongoing spread of coronavirus affect global economy, more people are losing job. In under developed countries, the condition has gone worse as people do not have money and food. Frustration, anger and suicide are possible consequences. Governments should support such families and provide them ration.

Measures to lessen Mental Issues Due To COVID-19

Following are the measures that can reduce the stress:

1.      Do not make Assumptions

Don’t judge people and conclude who is responsible for spreading virus. Virus can affect any person regardless of religion and gender. Avoid from mocking each other. Be empathetic to those who are suffering from coronavirus. Play your part in the time of lockdown. Nobody is safe unless everybody is saved.

Perform your responsibility and surely things will settle down soon. You can educate people and your near once in a good way. Make a call to your friends and ask about their health. Share precautions and ask them to play their part. This will be a healthy activity. Be supportive for everyone.

2.      Limit the outbreak news

Try to find a balance if news is causing you huge stress or if they are making you anxious. Limit the time you spend on social media. Stay update at specific time once or twice a day. Moreover, it is important to stay informed, but it is useful to limit your media intake.

3.      Access authentic information

False news of coronavirus creates chaos and spread fear among people. Try to stay inform from authentic sources including:

World Health Organization – Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak

Health Direct – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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4.      Handle the situation calmly

Handle the situation of virus pandemic calmly. Follow official advice in order to remain safe. Adopt hygiene habits i.e. washing hands and maintain cleanliness. Moreover, try to avoid habits of smoking and drinking alcohol.

5.      Connection with friends

Social distancing and isolation are solution to stay safe from virus. But isolation can make people stressed. Connection with friends and other family members can make you feel better. Moreover, share any content from trusted source.

6.      Exercise regularly to reduce Mental Issues Due To COVID-19

Exercise has good impact on mental health. Muscular work reduces the mental stress. So limited outdoor activities is good step to keep yourself fresh. Therefore, eating balance diet can also work.

7.      Visit the park:

Visiting the parks also help to manage the anxiety. Try to take fresh air early morning. Exposure to nature make you feel better mentally as well as physically. However, you can spent time in your lawn.

Isolation gives you a space and opportunity to give time to yourself. You can also make your time beneficial by learning some skills. Moreover, create a timetable for personal activities such as reading books.

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