Khalid bin Walid

Khalid bin Walid: A Military General

Khalid bin Walid was named as Sword ⚔ of God (Saif-ul-Allah) by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He is one of the greatest military generals in Islamic history. In this article, the biography and details about the life of Khalid bin Walid are discussed.

Khalid bin Walid: Birth and Nursing

The exact date of birth is not known but he was born in Makkah. Soon after his birth 👶, to follow the customs of Quraish families, he was taken away from his mother and sent to a foster mother 👵 in the Bedouin tribe in the desert 🏜. He was nursed and grown up in a clear, unpolluted, and dry desert. However, Khalid lived a happy 😊 and feel at home life in the desert. After reaching his early childhood, at the age of 5-6 years, Khalid returned to his parents in Makkah.

Bani Makhzum

When reaching boyhood, Khalid realized that he is the son of a chief of the Bani Makhzum (Nobel clan of Quraish) named Al-Waleed. He was a famous personality of Makkah and known as Al-Waleed meaning Unique. Makkas was inhabited by the great tribe of Quraish having three major clans who were assigned major responsibilities. Major Clans included Bani Hasim, Bani Abduddar, and Bani Makhzum. Bani Makhzum was responsible for all the matters related to wars. They train and bred the horses 🐴 for war, made arrangements for the preparation for expenditure, and provide all the stuff to the warriors of Quraish for the battle. In such an environment, Khalid Bin Walid was grown up.

Training and Building Skills

Khalid learned the art of horsemanship 🏇 and trained horses for battles. He learned animal riding as well. Bani Makhzum was the best horseman in Arabia and Khalid Bin Walid was the best horseman in Bani Makhzum. Moreover, he was also good at camel riding 🐫 as camels were used for long marches and horses for fighting. Besides this, he learned the skill of combat and learned to use weapons such as lance, bow🏹, spear, and sword. He was also an expert in fighting on foot as well as on horseback.

Khalid bin Walid: An Impressive Manhood

Khalid bin Walid has an impressive physique and a forceful personality. He was more than six feet heightened, expanded chest, widened shoulders, and athletic body 💪. His face was covered with a heavy beard 🧔. However, his impressive riding and fighting skills made him well-known all over the Makkah. Moreover, he was generous and helps the needy financially💰.

Family Background

 According to history, Khalid has four brothers named Hisham, Ammarah, Waleed, and Abdu Shams, while two sisters named, Faktah and Fatimah. Father of Khalid, Al Waleed was a rich person 💰 and therefore, Khalid just focused on building skills rather than work for a living. Moreover, Al Waleed was a mentor for his sons, as he was a military instructor, Khalid learned all the tactic of battle from his father. The tricks to move in desert🏜, secret attacks, catching the unaware enemies, and many more.

Khalid Bin Waleed and Islam

At the time when Prophet Muhammad (SAW) received is a revelation, Khalid was 24 years of age. Prophet starts his preaching after 3 years and the first man to accept Islam was Abu Bakar Siddique. Whereas Ali, the son of Abu Talib was the youngest to support the Holy Prophet. Besides this, 4 men who opposed the Prophet were Abu Sufyan (leader of Bani Umayyah), Abu Lahab (Prophet’s Uncle), Abul Hakam, and Al Waleed (Khalid’s Father).

Al-Waleed was a man of dignity; therefore, he didn’t abuse or create violence. But when all his efforts didn’t affect Prophet’s (SAW) preaching then he took a bold step. He offered Abu Talib (the uncles and guardian of Prophet, who was also a leader of Bani Hashim) to take his son Ammarah and give him Muhammad. To which Abu Talib rejected the proposal and said why should I raise your son, while you want mine to be killed.

Time flews and Abu Talib died in 619 but Prophet faced all the difficulties in Makkah. However, in 622, the holy prophet left the Makkah and migrated to Madinah. Three months later, Al Waleed died.

Names of Khalid bin Walid

After the death of Waleed, Khalid lived a great life which was also due to the wealthy status. The wives and children 👶 count are unknown but some reported that he had 40 children from different wives. However, the names of two sons are, elder Sulaiman and younger Abdur-Rehman. Latter become the commander of Syria after decades while Sulaiman named was used to identify Khalid as Arabs tradition. So, the different names of Khalid include, 1) Khalid, 2) Ibn-Al Waleed (Son of Al Waleed), and Abu Sulaiman (Father of Sulaiman).

Khalid Accepted Islam

Battle of Badr was the first clash between Muslims and enemies. Muslims achieved victory ✌️ as they killed 70 people and also captured 70 including many cousins and nephews of Khalid. The brother of Khalid named Waleed was also captured by the Muslims.

A man went secretly from Makkah and paid the ransom 💰 for his father. When other people came to know about this, they all wanted to pay the ransom 💰 and get their dear once released. Therefore, Khalid along with his brothers also went to get their brother back at any cost 💲. They released Waleed at the cost of 4k dirhams. Afterward, they left Madina and camped in a place known as Zhul Halifa. During the night 🌙, Waleed slipped away 🏃 and came back to the prophet and accepted Islam. Whereas, this step doesn’t affect the relationship between Khalid and Waleed.

Later, at the battle of Uhad and Ditch, Khalid also participated and he was so much impressed with the dignity of Muslims and generalship of the prophet Muhammad (SAW). Afterwards, the prophet went to Makkah 🕋 for pilgrimage and that was a life turning point for Khalid bin Waleed. Many doubts entered the mind of Khalid about the religion. As he was never drawn towards the gods of Makkah and now, he realized that Islam is the true faith.

Soon Khalid decided to join Muhammad (SAW). Hence, one night he took his armour, weapons, and horse 🐴 and went to Madinah. He was warmly welcomed 🤝 by the holy prophet (SAW) and his entry to Islam would spell victory ✌️ for the Muslims.

Khalid bin Walid is “Saifullah

Three months after arrival at Madinah, the prophet sent an envoy to Ghassan, Chieftain of Busra with an invitation to join Islam. But the envoy was killed and this was a crime among Arabs. Expenditures were immediately prepared against Busra. The prophet appointed Zaid bin Harithah as a commander. He dies the commander will be Jafar bin Abi Talib and if he dies, Abdullah bin Rawahah will be the commander. And in the case, if he was killed, the prophet said let the men select a commander for themselves.

The situation reached the critical situation and when Abdullah bin Rawahah died, Thabit bin Arqam chooses Khalid bin Waleed to assume command. Khalid gave fresh courage 💪 to Muslim and the battle increased violence. Only 12 Muslims have been killed in this war and the Muslims achieved victory. Moreover, Khalid fought with 10 swords ⚔ as 9 swords were broken on the bodied of Christian Arabs. When they reached back to Madinah, the Muslims were much ugly tempered and they throw dust on the soldier’s faces.

At this point, the holy prophet (SAW) restrained them and said, “They have not fled, they shall return to fight if Allah wills”. Moreover, he shouted and said, “Khalid is the sword of Allah”. Later, the Muslim understood the wisdom 💭 and courage of Khalid bin Walid. Now, he was known as Saifullah meaning “Sword of Allah”.

Khalid’s Love for Prophet

Khalid bin Waleed has a great love for the holy Prophet (SAW). At the time of pilgrimage or farewell haj, the prophet (SAW) cut his hair ✂. Khalid bin Waleed picked up some of the hairs of the prophet. When the prophet asked about this act, Khalid replied, these hairs will be a source of power for me in the battle against enemies. Prophet replied that you (Khalid) will be successful until you have these hairs. Hence, Khalid stitched that hair in his red cap 🧢.

Black Lady in Wail

After the Muslims destroyed the idols of Makkah, the prophet sent Khalid to destroy the idols in local temples. Khalid went to Nakhla to destroy Uzza with 30 horsemen 🏇. Uzza was considered the most important of the goddesses. There may be two types of Uzza, fake and real. Khalid found the fake one and destroyed it. Then he returned to Muhammad (SAW) and reported. Prophet said, did you find anything usual? Khalid declined 🚫. Prophet said then you haven’t destroyed Uzza. Go again!

Khalid got angry 😡 upon himself due to his mistake and went back again towards Nakhla. But he found the Uzza where the custodians of the temple run for his life. A sword was hung around the neck of the goddess so that she might save herself. When Khalid entered the temple, a naked black lady stood in front of him. She was wailed. Khalid didn’t stop to decide her intensions and tore her into two pieces. He then smashed the goddess and return to Makkah. Khalid reported about the Prophet (SAW) about the details. Prophet said, “Yes 👍, that was Uzza and never will in your land again”.

Khalid made a mistake at Tihana

After the destruction of idols, the holy Prophet sent the number of expenditures to the nearby tribes and call them to Islam with an instruction to the commanders not to kill the people who accept Islam. But due to some conflict few of the Muslims got killed. Prophet was horrible and he asked Khalid about this mistake. Khalid said that the people didn’t accept Islam by heart ❤️️. Later Khalid realized his mistakes and apologize ☹. The Prophet (SAW) asked to pay the ransom of the victims and forgive Khalid bin Walid.

Khalid bin Walid participation

Khalid bin Walid played a significant role in different wars including the War of Hunayn and many others. Moreover, he was sent to Yemen by the Prophet to preach Islam. He stayed there and perform the task for six months but no one accepted Islam. Later, the prophet asked him to return.

Khalid bin Waleed also participated in different wars during the time of Abu Baker Siddique. The battle against Musaylama al-Kadhdhab, Iraq, Yarmuk, Ajnadayn, Nusaybin, Amid,.and many more.

Ruler of Qinnasrin

Khalid bin Walid was appointed as a ruler of Qinnasrin at the time of Umar bin Khattab. However, a conflict occurs about the generosity of plunders 💰 that Khalid gained during attacks on the border of Roman and Anatolia. When Umar came to know about the amount Khalid gave to Ash’ath b. Qays. He got irritated and asked about the money 💲. However, Khalid explained.

Umar clarified the reason

Many of the companions of Khalid bin Walid got disappointed 😞 by the dismissal from governance. Umar said;

I have not dismissed Khalid because of anger or any dishonesty, but because the people glorify him and misled. I feared that people will glorify him and I want to clarify them it is the Allah who does things. There should be no mischief in the land.

Death of Khalid bin Walid

Khalid bin Walid Tomb
Khalid bin Walid Tomb

Khalid bin Walid got ill after some time and had a natural death. Umar bin Khattab also attended is the funeral ceremony. He has one horse 🐴, one sword, and a slave at the time of death. However, a history shared that Khalid’s children were killed and thus his lineage didn’t continue.


Khalid bin Walid is a famous and great warrior of Islamic history. He has a great love 💖 for Islam as well as a prophet (SAW). History is full of his glorious performances during battles. Due to the Sunni Shia conflict, some views about Khalid may differ. Besides this, He was a great warrior, leader, commander, and war hero 🦸‍♂️ of Islam. He had a great wish to die as a martyr but he had a natural death ⚰.

His last words or wish was dying as a martyr. However, his friend consolidated him that prophet said that you are the sword of Allah (God) if you have been killed by an unbeliever, it means that sword of Allah is broken by any disbeliever. And this could never be happening, then Khalid remained silent.

HOW COULD SWORD OF ALLAH BE KILLED BY AN ENEMY OR DISBELIVER!! HOW COULD SAIFULLAH BE FAILED IN A BATTLE? Share your opinions and feedback in the comments ✍ section. Also, write the names of the historical personalities you want to learn about.

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