How should long-term patients tackle Coronavirus?

How should long-term patients tackle Coronavirus?

How should long-term patients tackle Coronavirus. If you are diabetic, heart or asthma patient, then what precautions are required to tackle coronavirus. These diseases are long term and the patients are more at risk. In daily life, we are listening from all around the world that children or elders are sensitive to coronavirus. But the question arises, what about the long-term patients? Moreover, how should long-term patients tackle Coronavirus? What are the precautions for them?

All of the questions will be cleared in this article. Just read it till the end. Also, share your thoughts in the comments section. However, if you are not a long-term patient, you still need to follow Symptoms and Precautions. If you are suffering from common flu. Please don’t confuse it with coronavirus. Here you can read about How coronavirus differs from common flu?

Weak Immune System

Lets more towards the main question. How long-term patients should tackle coronavirus? The long-term patients have weak immune system. This makes them sensitive to any virus including coronavirus. But it doesn’t mean that they will become a victim to coronavirus. The virus may increase the difficulty in breathing and pneumonia. In such a case, proper medical treatment can make the patient stable. Use of machine for breathing will be helpful.

Long-term disease

We are discussing meanly about three long term diseases, diabetes, heart and lung conditions. Nowadays we are gaining new knowledge about the viruses. However, with the previous studies, we came to know that diabetic patients are more sensitive to coronavirus. Moreover, they may require a complete hospital care in any issue. Heart patients followed by lung conditions are also sensitive to COVID-19.

Additionally, reduce your social contact, wash your hands periodically and perform hygienic measures to avoid any risk of COVID-19. However, now we will discuss about the long-term patients in detail.

Diabetes– Tackle Coronavirus

As mentioned above, diabetic patients are more sensitive to coronavirus. About 415 million are suffering from diabetes. Such patients are unable to produce a hormone known as insulin. Moreover, their body may become resistant to the insulin. Insulin is a hormone that breaks down sugar in your body. However, a diabetic patient’s body cannot break the extra sugar and thus the level of sugar leads to an extreme level.

The increase number of sugars in the body diversely affects the white blood cells. The white blood cells protect and fight against the infections. As diabetic patient has a high level of sugar, therefore its immune system is weak enough for coronavirus to attack.


 You don’t need to worry about COVID-19. Here are some tips for long-term patients to tackle coronavirus. Just make contact with your physician and update your medication. Take your insulin or other medicine in time. It’s a serious matter and you need to take care of yourself. As many patients don’t take proper medication. However, some use it according to their mood. Don’t take any risk for now.

Moreover, take proper diet and eat healthy food. Increase your physical activity as this will break down your sugar levels. Thus, improving the immune activity. Easy exercise that you can do at home includes climbing stairs twice in a day and walk in the garden. Make your heart race well and lungs breathe hard.

Heart Diseases– Tackle Coronavirus

Heart patients are also sensitive to COVID-19. Because the major reason for most of the deaths in the world is heart disease. And it is a common problem and cause of death all over the world. In the coronavirus outbreak, we all need to find better ways to save our heart patients. People who suffer from heart diseases including high blood pressure or cholesterol usually don’t recognize the symptoms. Therefore, fail to get any medication. Both these issues makes the heart weak and unable to pump blood properly.


The long-term patients can tackle coronavirus with some precautions. Take proper diet with low carbohydrates. Moreover, eat vegetables, chicken, and fish. Proper medication is necessary.

Lung Diseases– Tackle Coronavirus

Lung diseases include asthma and COPD. About 235 Million suffer from asthma while 65 million are COPD patients. Such patients use two types of inhalers. There are two types of inhalers, Preventers and relievers. Preventers are the inhalers that are taken once in a day. Such inhalers improve your lungs’ performance. Moreover, relievers are the inhalers that are only taken when feeling difficulty in breath. However, you do not need the latter one usually.


If you use the reliever inhaler more than twice in a day, then it’s a clear evidence that your lungs are not in a good condition. It might be due to your irregularity in medication. So, you ask your doctor to reduce the risk of COVID 19. Use mask and avoid social contact.

Conclusion- long-term patients tackle Coronavirus

All the long-term patients have a weak immune system. Therefore, they are sensitive and prone to coronavirus attack. We all need to stay at home so that coronavirus is tackled. Use proper medication and eat a proper diet. Perform healthy exercise and don’t fear. Moreover, wash your hands properly with soap.

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