Ertugrul: Halima

Ertugrul: Halima Hatoon Is Suspicious

Ertugrul Ghazi, the famous Turkish drama series, is aired on PTV now. It is gaining equal popularity among Pakistani citizens. Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, took a fantastic initiative of playing Dirilis Ertugrul in Urdu on national TV channel. The drama showed the real story of Musli Muslim Oghuz in the 13th century. Moreover, you can watch the famous Ertugrul Series on PTV daily at 8 p.m.

Ertugrul Ghazi

Ertugrul Ghazi is a brave soldier and the son of Suleman Shah (the leader of Kayi Kabeela). He has a strong personality and appreciated bravery.

The drama started with the appearance of Ertugrul. The first episode begins with the conversation between Ertugrul and Deli Demir, his father’s friend, that Ertugrul is going for hunting with his Friends. Deli Demir prepared a sword for him and appreciated Ertugrul for his bravery. Whereas, Ertugrul replied, NO SWORD WILL BE STRONGER THAN ZULFIQAR, AND NO ONE IS BRAVER THAN ALI (RA).” 

Ertugrul Ghazi- Mysterious Hunt

Ertugrul went to the jungle for hunting with his friends. Later, he found a beautiful deer, and he bowed the arrow towards him. Moving forward, he found the Cristian’s camp, they have prisoned three persons, i.e., Halima, his Father, and Brother. The Christians were brutally killing Halima when Ertugrul attacked them. The beautiful presentation and background music enhanced the glory of Ertugrul.

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Soon the fight ended when Ertugrul, along with his friends, killed all the enemies and successfully saved Halima and others. Ertugrul asked Halima to move with him, but she refused. He told her that the jungle is not safe and she should join them. Halima said that she is thankful to him for saving their lives, but she didn’t need him anymore. Ertugrul moved back. Suddenly, Halima agreed and asked him where he will take them.

Ertugrul: Halima Reached Kai Kabeela

Ertugrul belongs to Kayi Kabeela, and when he reached there, everyone was querying about Halima and others. Later, Ertugrul called the Tabeeb (Doctor) and asked him to treat Halima’s Father. He also served them well. Moreover, Ertugrul feels attraction for HalimaErtugrul asked Halima that who they are? And why the enemies caught them? Halima replied that her father is a successful merchant, and hence enemies prisoned them. Are you satisfied with her reply?

Suspicious behavior of Halima

Halima’s character is suspicious until now. Here we have discussed some scenes, where Halima’s behavior that makes her character suspicious.

1. Halima fought with the Enemies

Before, the Ertugrul found Halima in the Jungle. Halima tried to fight with the enemies herself to save her father. Her fighting techniques shows that she is not merely a merchant’s daughter.

2. Aykız Hatun Praised Halima

The next morning when Halima dressed well. Aykiz Hatun praised Halima that she is as beautiful as a princess. The complete silence of Halima made her character suspicious. Aykiz also had strong feelings for Ertugrul, and now Halima also started feeling for him. But what if Ertugrul finds that Halima is a liar?

3. Ertugrul Halab Journey

Suleman Shah asked Ertugrul to go towards Halab. When Halima visits Ertugrul and gives best wishes to have a save the journey. She placed something in Ertugrul’s horse saddle. This act makes her character suspicious.

4. Halima’s Conversation with Father

Selcan Hatun found Halima in the market and asked her to leave as soon as possible because her presence is a danger for Kayi Kabeela. Her sharp tongue hurts Halima, and she went to her father. 

Halima asked the father to leave Kayi Kabeela today as she has prepared the luggage. Father asked her why she is so quick in her decisions. He added that ONE SHOULD NEVER BE DISAPPOINTED FOM ALLAH’s MERCY. Halima replied that she is tried of escaping and how long these hardships will end? She also asked her father, will they ever live like the old days? Aren’t these lines suspicious? What was Halima’s lifestyle in the old days?

5. Titus Plans

Titus is the evil character who makes plans against the Muslim community. Moreover, he was happy and planning to use Muslim prisoners for his next conspiracy. This shows that Halima and others were an important part of the Titus Plan. How could a mere merchant be a strong part of Titus’s evil plans? This makes Halima’s Confession suspicious.

6. Hayme Haton

Halima along with Aykız Hatun visit Hayme Haton’s hujra (room). Where a little conversation held among them. Hayme Haton asked Halima about her Kabeela and Family. However, Halima remained quite. The sudden entry of Selcan Hatun changed the topic. Wasn’t this behavior of Halima Haton suspicious?


The above-mentioned behaviors of Halima made her character suspicious. Her father is an old man, but he is also a good fighter. In the jungle, when he was injured badly, he still fought well against enemies. A merchant can’t have such skills. Don’t you agree? Share your opinion about Halima as well as Ertugrul in the comments section below. Also, share your thoughts about Dirilis Ertugrul Series.

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