Dirilis Ertugrul: Astonishing Characters

Dirilis Ertugrul: Astonishing Characters in History

In this article, the famous characters of Dirilis Ertugrul Season 1 and the related Astonishing Characters in History will be discussed.

Dirilis Ertugrul is a famous Turkish TV serial as it is aired on PTV, in Urdu dubbing now, daily at eight at night. It is gaining popularity among Pakistani viewers. The strong character of Ertugrul and the fantastic history is making this serial lovable. Moreover, the handsome personality of Turkish actors and brilliant performance of actresses also cast a spell on the audience.

Dirilis Ertugrul

It’s a story of a small Turk tribe named as Kayi. A group of people who faced difficulties when Mongols attacked them. They escaped from Central Asia and settled in Seljuk Sultanate. The tribe members remained in search of a small state, later owned the three sub-continents for 600 years. The brave and strong character Ertugrul and his son Osman played a significant role in the history of Islam.

The story is a combination of sociopolitical issues, traitors, justice, real-life hardships and traditions. Moreover, it also includes a few love stories that give a glimpse of reality to the serial. However, it is a reality-based drama describing the history of Islamic personalities.

Dirilis Ertugrul: Astonishing Characters

The serial Dirilis Ertugrul includes many astonishing characters. The personality of each character is extraordinary and breathtaking. Here we go!


Ertugrul is the main character of the drama serial. The strong personality of Ertugrul created a great impact on the audience.

Suleman Shah

Suleman Shah is the father of Ertugrul and leader of Tribe-Kayi. He is a man of traditions and strong morality.

Hayme Hatton

The wife of Suleman Shah and mother of Ertugrul is named as Hayme Hatton. She is a brave and strong lady who supports his husband, sons and equally showers her love for the people of the tribe.


Gundogdu is also another Astonishing Character. He is an elder son of Suleman Shah. He is good with Ertugrul and too sincere towards the Tribe-Kayi. However, some conflicts occur due to Halima.

Halima Hatton

Halima is love as well as the wife of Ertugrul. She was a princess of Seljuk Sultanate.


Kurdoglu is a negative character as he is against Suleman Shah and wanted to become the leader of Tribe-Kayi. However, he lost his family in the Mongol Attack. Moreover, he was a childhood friend of Suleman Shah.

Selcan and Gokce

Selcan is the wife of Gundogdu. She wants to kill Suleman Shah as a revenge for her father’s death who was a friend of Suleman Shah in childhood. Moreover, she wants her husband, Gundogdu, to become the ruler of Tribe-Kayi. Gokce is her sister, who keeps strong feelings for Ertugrul.

Ertugrul Bros – Astonishing Characters

The younger brothers of Ertugrul are Bamsi, Sungurtekin, Turgut and Dündar. Bamsi is a soft-hearted person, fight with two swords and have a slow thinking personality. Turgut is a brave and positive person, fights with an axe, supports Ertugrul a lot. Sungurtekin is lost brother of Ertugrul to whom the family considers dead. Dundar is the youngest brother and doesn’t play an important role in season 1. But he will surely emerge with a dominant personality in next seasons.

Aykis and Deli Demir

Aykis is a positive female character who supports Halima and Hayme Haton during hardships. Moreover, she got married to Turgut (Ertugrul’s Brother). She is the daughter of Deli Demir who is an excellent companion of Suleman Shah and a blacksmith of Tribe-Kayi. I hope you remember the first scene where Deli Demir gifted sword to Ertugrul. 

Apart from these characters, there are some other personalities that you may love in this serial. Here is a brief introduction here. 

Emir Al-Aziz of AleppoEmir is Al-Aziz of Aleppo and grandson of Salahuddin Ayyubi. He is young and has an impressive and unique personality. 

Ibn Arabi

Ibn Arabi is another impressive character with spiritual wisdom and thoughts. He is travelling Sufi and helps people to find the right path. He supported Ertugrul, and after his death in 1240, Ertugrul found support and help from the books, teaching and followers of Ibn Arabi. The dialogues of Ibn Arabi are gaining popularity among the audience.


Titus played a negative role in drama serial Dirilis Ertugrul. But still, he is included in the list of Astonishing Characters. Because you will surely appreciate his performance in the drama, he was against Ertugrul and aimed to kill him because Ertugrul killed his brother while saving Halima Hatton.


Numan was the prince of Seljuk Sultan. He is the father of Halima and later father-in-law of Ertugrul. 


Yigit is a son of Numan and younger brother of Halima Hatton. He is a sweet, innocent and cute boy. 

Bottom line: Dirilis Ertugrul- Astonishing Characters

Dirilis Ertugrul is a combined mixture of adventure, romance, action, spirituality and based on real-life events. This uniqueness makes this serial a piece of interest for a variety of audience. The acting and performance of all the astonishing characters are appreciable. No doubt it is a top-level Turkish serial. Moreover, the scenes and shooting places, all are eye-catch. You will surely fall for each character.

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Besides this, you will observe the characters performing prayer, janaza, ablation, reciting Quran, nasheed and other Islamic activities. You will also listen to the word, In Sha Allah, Durood Pak, etc. All such actions create a freshness in mind and give a soothing effect. The preaching of Ibn Arabi also recalls all the Islamic history. Such things are rarely seen on TV shows nowadays.

Media Industry plays an influencing role in the audience. Dirilis Ertugrul is also an excellent Islamic serial that is creating a positive impact on the youth. However, we cannot neglect the other shows that create negativity in life. We hope this show will come up with new thoughts and better impact on the audience. As it will give a brief knowledge about Islam and let us know the roles of Islamic heroes in history rather than animated heroes.

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