Backbone Pain Home Remedies

Backbone Pain: Home Remedies (Guide)

Backbone pain” or simply “back pain” or “backache” is common in these days. But you don’t need to worry more as we are sharing backbone. Due to unhealthy conditions like lack of exercise, sitting a long time in the wrong posture, and lying on the extra soft mattress. Our back is not only made of one long bone; instead, it is the combination of many small bones, ligaments, tendons, discs, and muscles. They all work together and make an individual able to move freely.

However, when we feel some pain in our back while moving, sitting, or standing. Then there must be some problems in bone, ligament, tendon, vertebrae, discs, or muscles. In order to diagnose and treat backbone pain. We divide our back into two parts as two types of backbone pain upper backbone pain and lower backbone pain.

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Upper Backbone pain

There are 12 bones in the upper back that start from the base of the neck and ends at the bottom of the ribcage. The thoracic spine is the medical term that is used by the doctors for the upper backbone. Pain can appear anywhere in this area is called upper backbone pain. Upper backbone pain is common these days due to wrong sitting posture, overwork in one condition, strain, or injury. Upper backbone pain is sometimes like burning or pulling sensation with the feeling of injury.

Lower backbone pain

Lower backbone area starts just below the ribcage and pain in that area is called lumber pain. It gives support and makes the possible normal movement of the body. Pain is felt in the lumbar area when muscles, spine, ligaments, or discs get affected by some strain, wrong posture, overwork, or some accidents. Lower backbone pain is more severe than the upper area of the backbone. When a muscle, ligament, or disc gets injured or affected by some overwork, pain in the lower back can be felt by a person. This pain gets worse sometimes that a person has to call the doctor.

Backbone pain in pregnancy

Backbone pain mostly occurs in females during pregnancy. As the weight of the baby increases, the pressure on the spine becomes the cause of this pain. Moreover, hormonal changes and poor posture of a pregnant woman also become the cause of this pain. During pregnancy, some rest or light exercise sometimes may relax the woman. However, the good news is that by the time the pain vanished after pregnancy.

Causes of Backbone Pain

The upper backbone pain mostly occurs only due to the wrong posture of sitting a long time. Moreover, the pain can be felt in any upper back area.

Wrong posture: When a person sits, stands, or lay for a long time in a wrong posture. The muscles become weak and cannot move easily in another direction.

Lack of Exercise: Lack of exercise and sitting along time in one posture is another cause of backbone pain. Muscles cannot stretch easily so a person feels pain in the backbone and cannot move easily.

Stress: Continuous stress on the backbone’s muscles, ligament, tendons, spine, neck, and discs can be one of the reasons for pain in the backbone.

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Overwork: overwork or overuse of muscles can also be the cause of Upper Backbone pain.

Injury or Trauma: Sometimes an injury or trauma affects muscles, ligaments, or discs badly and becomes the cause of serious backbone pain.

Herniated disk: Discs are the like rubber cushions between the bones of the spine which save vertebrae from shock or pressure. When this any part of soft disk pokes and put pressure on nearby nerves; cause pain in that area of the backbone.

More complicated cases can be a pinched nerve, osteoarthritis, and spinal infections that need medical help.

Backbone Pain Treatment

Acute Backbone pain can be treated at home by using different remedies. However, after 72 hours doctors may prescribe some medicine to reduce pain. As far as chronic backbone pain is concerned, it needs special care or treatment by a doctor.

Backbone Pain Home Remedies     

Most of the home remedies prove helpful in backbone pain relief. Some patients feel relief in backbone pain by using Massage therapy, an ice pack or heat therapy, Exercise or physiotherapy, Relaxing muscles by rest for times, adjust sitting position, improving working habits, and pain reliever medicines as a home treatment.


Massage therapy

Gentle massage to the injured muscle of the backbone can give relief in backbone pain. Try to use some oil or ointment to massage. There are many pain reliever ointments that can give relief. Ointment or cream with capsaicin as the main ingredient can insensitive the area of pain. However, massage with any oil sometimes give relief and can be used as one of the most effective home treatment in backbone pain

An ice pack or heat therapy

The ice pack is thought to be the very first treatment when an injury is occurred in the muscles of the backbone due to strain. The ice pack can reduce inflammation and give relief in backbone pain. Heat therapy, on the other hand, is also thought to be one of the most beneficial to relax the stiff or strain muscle. In this respect, a heating pad, a hot water bottle or hot uncooked rice wrap in a cloth can be used to get relief in backbone pain.


Rest or take breaks from your daily tough routine sometimes prove beneficial in backbone pain. Though, doctors forbid the whole day lying on the bed but giving rest from tough routine is highly advisable in backbone pain.

Exercises: Backbone pain Home Remedies  

There are many stretching exercises that can increase the elasticity of muscles and can give relief in backbone pain e.g

  1. Touching the toes for 30 seconds by bending the backbone can loosen the back muscles and can give relief in backbone pain.
  2. Lying on the stomach and lift up the chest gently as face up to the ceiling like cobra can stretch the muscles of the backbone.
  3. Moving back left and right can also give relief in backbone pain

Moreover, Cat-cow pose, Child’s pose, and other stretching exercises can be used as home remedies in backbone pain.

Improve working habits

Sitting position while working on a laptop or reading writing matters a lot in backbone pain. There should be no curve in the backbone while sitting to work in the office. Avoid heavy lifting and gat breaks while working on the workstation to relax your strain muscles of the backbone.

Pain reliever medicines 

Pain reliever medicines can be used as the home treatment to get relief in backbone pain. There are many pain reliever medicines as Ibrufine, panadol, or Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or sometimes steroids are used to get relief in pain.

Bottom line 

All the above-mentioned treatment can be used as home remedies in acute backbone pain. Try each with patience but after six weeks or some severe injury or pain in the backbone should not be treated at home. A person should call the doctor if there is no improvement with time in backbone pain.   

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