Alif- An Overview

Alif is a spiritual drama that enlightens the GEO Channel on Saturday nights. This drama is based on a novel with the same name written by Umera Ahmad. Moreover, actors carrying the leading roles are Hamza Ali Abbasi, Kubra Khan, Ahsan Khan, Sajal Aly, and Pehlaj. The drama is aired on 5 October 2019 on Geo TV. The timing is 8 p.m. However, you can also watch the episodes on Geo TV youtube channel.

Alif OST

The theme song “Alif Bas” is a beautiful OST. Singer is Shuja Haider & Momina Mustehsan.

Alif Characters

The Main character Qalb-e-Momin is played by Hamza Ali Abbasi.

Alif- Present Track

Alif is the journey of a star filmmaker (Husne Jahan) and a struggling actress (Momina). Both, with the disturbing past. The struggling actress, want to earn a lot of money for the treatment of her brother. Her father was not having any kind of job or a business for earning, and she was living a poor life.

Momina used to do calligraphy, taught by her teacher (Master Ibrahim). She is a lady with a huge fan following in Pakistan because of her writing skills Maa Shaa Allah. More power to her

However, Momin was eating food in a silver spoon and was a Top filmmaker of his era. He belonged to a respectable Muslim family known for writing verses. But he was doing something called haram according to his grandfather.

Momin was unaware of Allah and always tried to avoid taking a step towards Allah. Because in his childhood, he wrote many letters to Allah. But when he got no replies from Allah, he got disappointed at that time. But still, he was not able to vanish out those memories from his mind. Many childhood memories drew him away from the right path. But the mercy of Allah can lead everything to the Sirat-ul- Mustaqeem. Beshak.

Dada Died

On the other hand, his Grand Father was so closed to Allah. He tried a lot to make him realize that Allah is missing in his life. Besides this Momin did not understand anything said by his dada.

But after the death of Dada, he came to know that dada was an internationally known calligrapher. However, in the end, he understands the terminology of the alphabet Alif illustrating the bond of an individual with Allah.

Past Track- Alif

Another story about Husn-e-Jahan also creates a lot of suspense. She is a famous Pakistani dancer, went to Turkey. There he made a wonderful performance in the Arts Council. Another person (Taha) who lived in Turkey was a calligrapher as well as a spiritual dancer. In addition, he was also at the same place to make a dance performance. Taha saw Husne Jahan dance performance and fell in love with her. He made a beautiful painting of Husne Jahan and sent it to her the next morning. Husne Jahan was so impressed that the next day he watched the spiritual performance of Taha. There she fell in love with him.

Husne Jahan shared her feeling with his makeup artist, Sultan. Later, both express their feeling and decided to marry. But Taha’s Dad (Abdul Hala) was against this marriage. Because, he said that calligrapher can’t draw a women’s painting. It’s Shirk. So, Husne Jahan didn’t go back to Pakistan. Taha left his Dad’s house. Later, both married.


Taha wrote many letters to his dad but didn’t find any response. Husn-e-Jahan wrote letters to Sultan secretly from Taha. Both blessed with a son named Qalib-e-Momin. He wrote a letter to ALLAH. Due to the poor living standards, Husne Jahan called Sultan and ask him to sell all his paintings drawn by Taha. So that she can get some money to buy some stuff for Qalb-e-Momin.

This was the time when Taha leave the house and Husne Jahan because she sold the painting. Husne Jahan got aggressive and fought back. A few years later, taha didn’t come back. So Husne Jahan wrote a letter to Abdul Hala. He came to meet her. And told him that Taha is no more.

Husne Jahan went back to Pakistan, where her mom asked him to dance again. But she was a changed person now. She was near to Allah. But her mother forced her to dance. But Qalb-e-Momin tagged her as a bad lady when he watched him dancing in front of men. So he asked his mom that he want to go back to Dada.

Husne Jahan Suicide

Husne Jahan faced a difficult situation when her mom asked her to marry an old man for money. She again contacts to his father in law. Once again, with the help of Sultan, he went to Turkey. However, Sultan and his wife made this task and showed that Husne Jahan committed suicide. When he went to Turkey, dad married her with his friend (Master Ibrahim).

Other Revealed Characters

  • Momina is the daughter of Sultan.
  • Master Ibrahim is the second husband of Husne Jahan. Moreover, he is Momina’s Teacher.
  • Qalb-e-Momin is the grandfather of Abdul Hala.

Last Episode- Alif

The last episode of Alif will release on the 14th of March 2020. In Shaa Allah. According to the trailer, the Master Ibrahim will die in the last episode. Momin and Momina’s future story has a lot of suspense.

What will happen next?

The end will surely lead you to a shocking stage. Wait till this Saturday, the reveling day of the story, to know. Will Allah choose Qlb-e-Momin to be on the path of believers or not? Will he reach the level of Spirituality- The Rohaniyat or it was just on his head without any logic?

Hope for the best and Pray that Allah Subhana wa Ta’alla make us able to fall for the right paths and make us from the ones bring ease to others. Ameen Sum Ameen.

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