Ali Zafar During Quarantine

COVID-19: Ali Zafar During Quarantine


COVID-19 had brought mankind from all over the world in the same situation of self-isolation. Corona pandemic brings miseries in 2020. But it’s also an excellent opportunity for mankind to stop and THINK 🤔.

Celebrities and Businessmen all over the world are the busiest people. This Corona pandemic gives a break to all. While many of the celebrities are trying to make their quarantine effective and useful. Our superstar, Ali Zafar during quarantine, came up with his poetic skills ✍.

One of the leading singers in the Pakistani Entertainment industry. Ali Zafar started his career from TV dramas. He is a multi-talented person. Moreover, he is one of the best actors in Pakistan Industry. He’s also a fantastic painter 🖌, songwriter, producer, and singer. He carries so many great songs such as Chanoo, Nahi ry nahi on his behalf. Ali has been very energetic 💪 and lively in his social media accounts. Creating awareness amongst the people about Coronavirus and its precautions. Moreover, he posted many videos and ask the viewers to stay home, and stay safe.

                   This lockdown is a blessing. Those activities we couldn’t do during the usual busy life, Coronavirus make it easy. Ali ZafarDuring quarantine, got the benefit and wrote a poem about it. The caption of the poem is “Peace” (Sakoon) 😊. He also posted a video on his Instagram account.

Ali Zafer During Quarantine: SUKOON

The heartthrob of the nation hopped on to the Twitter account and presented his new video. The video is receiving a great response from fans. In this video of 4 minutes 52 seconds duration, he recites his newly written poem “sakoon“.The actor also affirmed that people would find comfort by listening to the lyrics during this difficult time.

Fans are appreciating his poem sukoon because it is such refreshing and beautiful. He has also announced in his last video that he had made this video to tell people never to stop talking in Urdu. GREAT THOUGHT 🤔

According to the journalist Mirza Iqbal BaigAli Zafar is an artist while one user called him a hero.

This poem throws light upon evolution. If you want to see peace outside, you must be at peace within. The actor wrote while talking to Twitter, “In these unprecedented times where everything has come to a pause, creativity manages to flows out.” 

Ali Zafar During quarantine connects to his roots. He is giving his friends 💞 and fans a thought-provoking poem. Its an idea to explore themselves to bring out the best in this themselves.

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Starting his career with acting, Ali Zafar is a renowned musician. Not just a piece of the poem, the singer had released quite a catchy song. The song is being both loved and hated on social media. “Koko corona, hathon ko dhona.” A remake of an old song. Fans and friends appreciate his new effort. In this time of suffering, it’s a little bit of entertainment. But others also said its a stunt to get more fame.

The Teefa in Trouble actor addresses people in a light mode to wash hands and don’t be panic. Playing the song on his guitar, he spread awareness of the disease. He also wrote “Koko coronavirus se kase larna hai, Ghor se Bhai ka song suno.” (Want to fight against coronavirus, listen carefully to brother’s song). Using #bhaeehazirhai for every new project. It’s gaining popularity among fans 💖.

An Entertainment or Attention:

In this time of corona pandemic, with a severe health emergency, People don’t find Ali’s song 🎤 in the right tone. Although the lyrics of the song weren’t too good nor the message. Its just talk about how bad 👎 the coronavirus is, wash hands properly, avoid handshake 🤝, and the crowd. People don’t like another postmortem of an old song, “Koko Korina“. Critics accused him of using every opportunity to grab attention. However, Zafar retention is spreading like a virus on social media. Twitter is still debating as far as the reactions are concerned.

        Pakistani singer Ali Zafar During quarantine makes every effort to win the heart of his fans. Initially, he sang four editions of PSL anthems and liked by people all over the country. But this year, he was ignored by the PCB board. Still, he launched an unofficial PSL Song 🎶 on Youtube which got popularity ✌ all over Pakistan.

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Danial Zafar During Quarantine:

Not only Ali, his elder brother but a budding musical artist Danial Zafar is also now getting fameAnother addition in the Pakistani Entertainment industry. He started his career singing with Momeena Mustehsan in coke studio’s 10th season. 

Danial Zafar also collaborated with Ali Zafar in his project “Teefa In Trouble”. He worked as a lyricist and guitarist. Coming towards his quarantine time ⏰, he created a new melody, “chand chadiya.”

An idea hit him on the 7th day of quarantine. And in almost 24 hours with the help of his fans, Danial Zafar came up with his new song Chandh Chadiya. The song was officially released on YouTube. He expressed his gratitude towards fans for supporting him in creating the song 🎼 . Danial Zafar, earlier this month, released his experimental debut album Blue Butterfly Internationally. Now he’s flying on his own. Critics say that the lyrics 🎶 are weak in blue butterfly song besides the music 🎧.

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