Dishwashing Facts Experienced during Lockdown

10 Dishwashing Facts Experienced during Lockdown

Here are some amazing dishwashing facts experienced during lockdown. Let me introduce another definition of Dishwashing. During lockdown, I realized that dishwashing is an activity that you have to perform thrice in a day. Moreover, the dishwashing never ends but your life span does. There are about 3 tasks that are performed in the kitchen. First one is cooking, that lasts for an hour. Collectively, we can say that about 2.5 hours are required for preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Secondly is the cleaning, it might take half an hour to clean the floor and shelves. The trash should be disposed of. The third one is dishwashing, which never lasts.

Hence, I have experienced dishwashing during Lockdown. Here are some amazing dishwashing facts experienced during lockdown. Also, comment and discuss about your favorite fact.

1.      Nails are Tools

While dishwashing I realized that some stains on the plates, spoons, and cups are removed using nails. Your nails are an extra tool for dishwashing. Moreover, some dirt will reach your nails and after dishwashing, you will search your nail brush.

2.      Cheese Grater Hurts

Be careful while cleaning and washing Cheese Grater otherwise you will find your first aid box. Moreover, think again how will you perform dishwashing with bandage on your hand the next day?

3.      Feet Mat

Another dishwashing facts experienced during lockdown is feet mat. You should place a feet mat under your feet. Because while dishwashing, the water reached your feet. Later, you will have to clean the floor. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to use “Poucha” under your feet.


4.      Dishwashing on Time

Always clean your dishes on time. Don’t keep the evening crockery to be washed in the next morning. Because this will make them dirty and smelly till morning. Dishwashing is a task that needs to be performed well in time. Please follow this dishwashing facts experienced during lockdown.

5.      Infinite Spoons

Dishwashing facts experienced during lockdown includes Spoons. You will find infinite spoons with about 3-4 sizes while dishwashing. These spoons also have knives and forks with them. Just keep washing and stop counting these spoons because they are uncountable.

6.      The worst dishes

There are about 2-3 dishes that you may hate to wash. According to my dishwashing experience during lockdown. Floor Preparation Dish (Atta Dhondhny Wala Bartan) and, Milk Bucket (Doodh wali Daighchi) are my enemies.

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7.      Dishwashing Playlist

You must need to create a Dishwashing Playlist that includes at least 3-4 songs of about 5-6 minutes. This will entertain you while dishwashing. However, if you have a good singing skill then you can sing yourself.

8.      Cooking Vs Cleaning

Don’t clean dishes while someone is cooking food. Because this will never end the count of dishes. If you want a stream of dishes reaching your sink. You can experience it during cooking time. Otherwise, my advice is to avoid this dishwashing experience during lockdown.

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9.      Scrubber

After dishwashing during lockdown, I realized that only the hard side of scrubber works. However, sponge is only to add MAX liquid. This was a new invention for me during Lockdown.

10. Be Grateful

Always remember that your maid is a great person who does all the dishwashing whole year. Moreover, if females perform this task and you are having experienced this during Lockdown. Then appreciate them for such great patience.

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Dishwashing is the most important task for keeping the kitchen clean. But it’s not much easier than it seems. Moreover, the different funny experiences that I have found during Lockdown are shared here. If you have any other experience than share it in the comment section. Besides this, also point out the best one that you have related. For more updates and entertainment blogs, please tap the notification bell.


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